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Isla And The Happily Ever After (Anna And The French Kiss #3) byStephanie Perkins Review

An awesome book that finished the trilogy off really well. 
Isla and her boyfriend Josh, are mentioned in Anna And The French Kiss (#1). What I really appreciated about this book was how grown up it was. While Anna And The French Kiss seemed to be more for younger teenagers, I thought that Isla And The Happily Ever After was more for older teenagers or young adults even. 
The book tells the story of Isla and budding artist, Josh and their romance. These characters are more daring than Anna and St Clair or Lola and Cricket in the previous books. They're more willing to break the rules that adults have set. This gets them in bad situations sometimes, like when Isla and Josh sleep together on their forbidden trip to Spain. The sex scenes (there's one later in the book as well) aren't described as this is a YA read. 
Spoilers below:
Isla isn't sure that Josh loves her for being her so she breaks things off with him after seeing him in a political light (like his father). …

Lola And The Boy Next Door (Anna And The French Kiss #2) by Stephanie Perkins Review

Hi ForeverBookers, 
This book was amazing! I preferred it to Anna And The French Kiss (#1) because it seemed far more grown up. This surprised me as on YouTube I had heard that Lola was worse than Anna as a book. 
As this is a companion trilogy Anna and Etienne (St Clair) from book 1 (Anna And The French Kiss) do feature. Anna and Lola work at the same cinema and Etienne (St Clair) and Cricket go to the same college. We don't see too much of Anna or Etienne (St Clair) so the story is still Lola's.
There are minor spoilers below. 
Lola And The Boy Next Door tells the story of Delores (Lola) and her growing up through seeing her make mistakes and try to correct them. For example, at the beginning of the book we see her and her boyfriend Max (she's seventeen years old and he's twenty two years old). Her parents aren't exactly happy about this relationship. Max is portrayed as a man who is more concerned about his band and where they're playing next than Lola. Lola and…

Anna And The French Kiss (Anna And The French Kiss #1) by Stephanie Perkins Review

This is a fab book! Although reading it at this time, with all the shootings in Paris wasn't nice. But I started it before the shootings began so...
I would say that this book is more for the older YA market (14-...) While it's not quite new adult it's certainly not middle grade either due to language and some situations. Some spoilers below...
Anna gets sent to France to attend a school because according to her father it'll be a good experience. She's not wild on the idea though. It's not until she meets people, most of whom turn out to be friendly that she starts to enjoy her time in Paris. Anna is a film critic so she enjoys going to all the old French cinemas. I thought this book had a real Parisienne feel, which I enjoyed. We got to read descriptions of Parisienne streets as well as Notre Dame.  
Most of this book is an on/off again romance between Anna and Etienne St Clair, an American, French boy (who speaks with an English accent). Anna has a crush on a guy…

The Wrath And The Dawn (The Wrath And The Dawn Book 1) by Renée AhdiehReview

Hi ForeverBookers, I'm sorry it's taken me so long to post again. I was ill at the end of October and I don't like reading when I'm ill so I lost a week of reading because of that...anyway I've just finished The Wrath And The Dawn by Renée Ahdieh and it was fantastic!
The first 100 or so pages were slow but after that I couldn't stop reading. The book has lots of Asian elements which I appreciated, although I wish the index for all of the Asian words had been at the front of the book instead of at the back as I only found it after I'd finished reading. 
There are some small spoilers below but there is more to this book than I have written below. I feel that if I write the whole story out - like I've done sometimes before it would spoil the plot. Something which I don't want to do as there are lots of surprises. 
The book tells the story of Shahrzard, a girl who is chosen to be the next wife of Prince Khalid. This comes with fear as well as hatred as…