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Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan (book 1) Review

Hi ForeverBookers, 
Earlier I finished the first Percy Jackson novel by Rick Riordan. It really surprised me by how good it was. When I heard that it was a middle-grade read I was quite apprehensive to start it as I thought it would just be for children. After hearing good reviews of it though I thought why not give it a go? I'm really glad I did give it a go. 
It basically tells the story of Percy Jackson, who doesn't know who his father is at the beginning of the book. He's grown up with his mother, whom he loves and a step father, whom he hates. When strange things start happening on a school trip, Percy starts to question what's going on. Then we see the character of Percy develop throughout the rest of the book from a young teenager to something more...
A great story with lots of laugh out loud moments, betrayal, friendship and those are just some of the themes of this book. It's great for children and adults (I'm in my 20's) alike. 
I give this book a 4 o…

What are you all reading?

Hi ForeverBookers, 
This is just a quick post to ask you all what you're reading at the moment? 
For me, I've just finished Ruin and Rising (last night) and I think I'm going to comtinue the One Piece manga series next.
Also how many of you have booktube channels? I really like watching them for new ideas of what books to buy :)!

Ruin And Rising by Leigh Bardugo review

Another EPIC read! This is the last book in the series so it wraps everything up. There was more romance in this book, which I loved. 
The characters just got better and better throughout. And yay, The couple I wanted together did end up together :). I just thought Mal was really quite a boring character in Shadow And Bone (#1) but in Siege and Storm (#2) and this book he did get a role to play, especially in this last book. The Darkling didn't have a big role in this book which kind of surprised me, although it was nice to see the other characters have fun times and not always concerned with what was happening with the Darkling. It gave room for more character development.  The settings were always well described. I really felt like I was experiencing where the characters were. 
I just really couldn't stop reading this's highly addictive. Therefore I give this book 5 stars like all of the other ones. If you want to read a YA trilogy that will capture your heart, …

Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo review

Awesome book yet again! The story was definitely addictive again. The struggles for Alina continue as she tries to defeat the Darkling.
There is a bigger cast of characters in this book. Mal has a bigger role to play in this book. It was nice to see him try to protect Alina. 
I wouldn't say this series is for younger teens as it's quite brutal and realistic in the way that it's written. I've now also decided that the Darkling IS evil and there's no redemption. I now want to see Alina and Mal together or perhaps even Alina and Nikolai. 
There were a few laugh out loud moments in this book from Nikolai and his friendship with Alina. 
I give this book 5 stars again because of the superb story telling. I can't wait to start reading the concluding book.

Shadow And Bone by Leigh Bardugo Review

Hi ForeverBookers,
I've just finished one of the best YA fantasy books that I've ever read! Shadow And Bone is spectacular! It's got everything - action, adventure, romance...
In this book the romance wasn't what kept me hooked. It was the story and the characters...I've only ever experienced that a few of times, especially reading YA - where a book just grips me until the end for the story and nothing else. 
The story is based in a supernatural Russia, I guess you could say. Alina starts the book as an orphan but is swept up by The Darkling and taken to a palace when she shows that she can create light. From there the story takes many twists and turns I don't want to spoil but I'll just say that not everything is how it seems in this book. 
Alina (the main perspective) was a believable character. She had her flaws and things to learn, which made her seem more human. She, at the same time though was serious but also funny. 
The Darkling was a truly conniving cha…

Raven by Abra Ebner review.

Hi ForeverBookers, 
Today I finished Raven by Abra Ebner, the last book in the Feather trilogy. 
It was good. It wasn't as good as the first book but it was better than the second book in my opinion. This tells the story of what happens after Elle finds Edgar again. Some bits I read quickly but most of it I paced out, especially towards the end. 
The book is split into 3 parts. I liked and didn't like this. I liked it because you got see Elle face different elements in each part. 
The side characters didn't really have a place in this book as it's really about Elle trying to conquer the gods and expell Magic from the world. The different parts of the book focused on different characters and their interactions with Elle as well as Elle figuring out the "prophecy". 
I'd say that Elle faces her biggest trial in this book in working out what to do to save the world. 
I'd give this book 3.5 stars out of 5 because, while I liked it - it could have had more I feel…

Guardian by Abra Ebner book review

Hi ForeverBookers, 
Here's my review of Guardian by Abra Ebner...
This book is the worst in the trilogy if you're looking for romance as one of the characters doesn't really feature in it. However, if you're looking for a book about adventure then this book is great as the lead character goes to lots of different fictional places to find what they've lost. If I write he/she I'll spoil the plot some so I'll just say that the lead character has to go through a lot of trials and tribulations. 
The side characters definitely have more of a part to play in this book (two of them especially). While the "human world" doesn't really feature in this book there is certainly lots of mystery attached to the places that the author takes us. 
I give this book a 3 star rating - while it didn't have the amount of romance I wanted, it did have lots of mystery. I also breezed through this book and read it in 2 days. 

Feather by Abra Ebner book review

Hi ForeverBookers, sorry it's taken me so long to post again. Anyway here's my review for Feather by Abra Ebner. This book is the first in a trilogy. 
It was a good book. It took me a little longer to get through it this time as I wasn't as excited about picking it up. I'd definitely say this book series was for middle aged YA readers (14+) as it's about a 17 year old girl and her learning what she is. 
I found the mystery in this book interesting. There is a certain amount of romance although it's not overwhelming to the rest of the story. Edgar and Estella (Elle) have been apart for some time before this book. The story centres around them finding each other again. We only hear from Elle's perspective in this first book though we hear from both Elle and Edgar's perspective in the last. 
This book has a tense scene at the end where I wanted to know what would happen. It also ends of a bit of a cliffhanger.
This book has romance, magic, a boarding school li…