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Elphame's Choice (Partholon series book 4) by PC Cast Review.

Hi ForeverBookers! 

This book was great! 
Elphame's Choice focuses on Elphame, the daughter of the goddess. Elphame's Choice happens over 100 years after the evil is defeated in the original trilogy so this like a future based world set entirely in Partholon. We don't see any of our world here like we do with the original trilogy. 
This can be read as separate to the original Partholon trilogy as nothing is spoiled (at least in this book). 
Spoilers below.
The prologue sets the story up with the birth of Elphame - a unique daughter of the goddess. From there the book goes on to explore Elphame's differences, that she has hooves so is part horse like her father as well as her wanting to renovate MacCallan Castle - a setting we see in the original Devine trilogy - after it was destroyed by femorians. She's a very driven character who doesn't like being told she can't do something. Her brother - Cuchullain (Cu) for example likes telling her to always be careful as …

Bound By Blood (Partholon Series Book 3) by PC Cast Review

Hi ForeverBookers, this was a great read! 
Here's my review of Bound By Blood by PC Cast - SPOILERS  below as its the 3rd book in a trilogy that's part of a series. You need to have read Bound By Mistake (book 1) and Bound by Choice (book 2) before reading Bound by Blood. 
Bound By Blood takes us back and forth between this world and Partholon again. In this book however we see more of Morrigan, Rhiannon's daughter than of Shannon and ClanFinton. 
First of all Morrigan is born in this world because in the previous books Rhiannon was ousted from Partholon. She is brought up by Shannon's parents, whom Rhiannon knew through Clint (Morrigan's father) in this world as well. She only learns of her true heritage to P when she learns she light crystals with her bear hands, something that no human character can do. This happens on a trip with her human friends and a cave instructor called Kyle in a cave. 
When she returns home from the trip she demands to know how she can do th…

Devine by Choice (Parthenon Series Book 2) by PC Cast Review.

Hi ForeverBookers, 
NOTE: Do NOT read this review unless you have read Devine by Mistake (Book 1) by PC Cast as this is the sequel.
Also this is an ADULT read as there are some situations that certainly aren't YA or middle grade. 
I finished Devine By Choice in just two days. Again this was another reread for me. I think that's why I finished it so quickly because I could kind of remember what happened at the very end.
The second book in the Parthenon series by PC Cast takes us back to Shannon Parker pretending to be Rhiannon, the Goddess of Epona along with ClanFintan, Alanna, and all of the other characters that reside in the land of the Parthenon. However, when she gets brought back to the earth plain by a rather familiar looking person, what happens? 
Spoilers below. 
First of all the story is set in the Parthenon, with the same characters as in the first book. Shannon, isn't very well but she's still playing the part of Rhiannon convincingly. ClanFintan is away at this …

Divine By Mistake (Parthenon Series Book 1) by PC Cast Review.

Hi ForeverBookers! 
An awesome ADULT read! 
This was a reread for me. I loved how funny, yet endearing the novel was. It's told from first person POV, which I really appreciated. It tells the story of Shannon Parker, a teacher from the state of Oklahoma. She goes to an antiques auction and buys a vase she thinks looks interesting. What she's not aware of is the magical connotations of the vase. 
There are minor spoilers below... 
On her way home from the auction a storm starts and she's literally sucked into another world. That's where the title of the book comes from. She's there by mistake, or so she believes. From there she has to figure out what's happened to her and where she is. She has help from a woman named Alanna, who tells her she is the Goddess Epona. What Alanna doesn't know at first is that Shannon is a woman from the human world. Rhiannon, the REAL Goddess traded places with Shannon because she didn't like her world. Rhiannon is portrayed …

The Hidden (The Hollow Trilogy Book 3) by Jessica Verday Review

I loved this conclusion. The first book didn't have a good plot, the second book was a lot better and this third book just finished the trilogy off nicely. I liked how all of the books in The Hollow trilogy were formatted with a little excerpt from "The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow" at the beginning of each chapter. The chapter was based on that line, which I felt was different. 
I'd say this book was appropriate for 14+ year olds because there is some swearing as well as some scenes that middle grade readers shouldn't be reading. 
I can't really review this book without having a few spoilers so there will be spoilers below...
The lead girl (Abbey) a perfumer who wants to open a perfumery called Abbey's Hollow and who's best friend died before the trilogy begins, and the lead guy (Caspian) fell in love all the way back in book 1. However, with Caspian being a Shade, someone that no one but Abbie (his other half) can see, life has got hard for him. That's …

The Haunted (The Hollow Trilogy Book 2) by Jessica Verday Review

I much preferred this book to The Hollow (book 1) as this book actually had a plot running throughout. I felt that with The Hollow it was to focused on the lead female's mental health issues, and as this is a paranormal romance series at heart that just wasn't what I was looking for. The Haunted had several convincing romantic parts, which I thought The Hollow was lacking as well.  
The characters were much more developed in this second book as well. I could see the personalities of each character better, which made for a smoother read. I could really only see the main character, her mother and the lead male character's personalities in The Hollow. There is an evil character revealed in this book and a mystery surrounding them. This really hooked me, as well as the romance, of course. The settings were still described really well. 
The next book has a plot on which to sustain itself as well, unlike book 2. I honestly feel as though book 2 is where the real story starts. You …

The Hollow (The Hollow Trilogy Book 1) by Jessica Verday Review.

Hi ForeverBookers, sorry it's taken me so long to write another review. This book has taken me longer than I thought to get through. 
This was a reread for me. I read it when I was 16/17 years old and it's certainly more for that age than a girl in her 20's. There were bits I liked about this book but I didn't love it. I just found the main character very whiney and self destructive to her own happiness to be honest. 
When I was 16/17 years old I can remember almost swooning for the lead male character but not so much now. 
The lead girl goes through a traumatic event before the start of the book and the rest basically revolves around that. 
The characters were good as well. I liked how only a small cast of characters were involved as it gave the book more of a focus on the Legend Of Sleepy Hollow. However some of the characters were very annoying although they were portrayed well. .
Another good point was the settings. I could really imagine myself in some of the places th…