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The Artisans by Julie Reece Review

Another great book! 
We meet Raven, a seventeen year old girl who lives a poor life with her step father Ben who is an alcoholic.  Ben owes debt to lots of people and places, one of those being the Maddox family. The sole heir of said family, Gideon gets in contact with Ben and demands to see him. Raven worries what Gideon will do to Ben, as she thinks he's a strict business owner so she goes instead to see Gideon and to try to work things out with him.  From there on we see Raven having to work for Gideon's fashion company making clothes. She stays on Gideon's estate as a prisoner or so it seems at first. When Raven starts seeing ghosts she thinks she's going crazy. While Raven is at Gideon's, Ben is at a hospital.  We see many emotions throughout this book. I honestly picked it up because I heard that it was a "Beauty And The Beast" retelling and that's not a bad way to describe it, although there are some obvious differences - Gideon isn't a beast …

Last Sacrifice (Vampire Academy Book 6) Review

Hey ForeverBookers, I've just finished Last Sacrifice (#6 of Vampire Academy) And it was really good! 
The book takes you on an adventure more so than the other books I believe. Blood Promise and Last Sacrifice are my favourite books of this series because we see Rose fight and stand up for herself more than ever before, I believe. Blood Promise was more about her fighting for the man whom she loved, whereas Last Sacrifice has Rose standing up for everything she believes in!
SPOILERS below for if you haven't read this book OR series! 
Last Sacifice takes the reader on a journey through watching Rose, Dimitri, Sydney, Adrian, Lissa, Christian and other minimal characters stand up for what they all believe in. 
At the end of Spirit Bound (book 5) Rose was accused of killing Queen Tatiana (an offence that would lead to a death sentence for the murderer). Because of this potential death sentence, Rose, Dimitri, and Sydney (a character from Blood Promise) go on the run in the hope of f…

Spirit Bound (Vampire Academy Book 5) by Richelle Mead Review.

Hi ForeverBookers, 
I finished Spirit Bound last night (sorry the review wasn't up straight away). It was a good book, not the best Vampire Academy book but not the worst either. 
NOTE: SPOILERS BELOW so if you haven't read the series don't continue reading. 
At the beginning of Spirit Bound, Rose and all of the other Guardians have to go through their trials to see if they will be able to handle actually being a Guardian in the outside world. Rose of course passes with flying colours even though her trial is harder than everyone else's as she's already killed Strigoi in previous books.  The gang (Rose, Lissa, Christian and Adrian) go to Court straight after they graduate as it's thought that Lissa will stay at court because it's the safest place. At court they get into mischief in lots of ways. One of those is going to Vegas to find someone who can free Dimitri (Rose's love) from being a Strigoi. Before that though Rose and Lissa bust Victor (the main vill…

Blood Promise (Vampire Academy Book 4) by Richelle Mead Review favourite Vampire Academy book so far! 
This is more towards the New Adult side of YA. 
Blood Promise definitely centres more around the romantic elements of The Vampire Academy books. 
NOTE: Spoilers below!
Rose heads of to Russia to try and find Dimitri. She meets Sydney, an alchemist first though. They start an uneasy friendship but Sydney does indeed help Rose in the end as she's sent by other Alchemist who is a covert character with her to Dimitri's family.  The Belikov's are a bunch of different characters all put into one family. There's the caring mother, the naughty sisters, the responsible sister, and a grandmother who isn't all she seems. The family has it's similarities and differences but you can see how much the characters care for one another and indeed Rose during the hard time Rose has come to tell them about. When Rose does tell them of what happened to Dimitri they are shocked and understandably upset. Rose and one sister start a friendsh…

Shadow Kiss (Vampire Academy book 3) by Richelle Mead Review

What a range of emotions this book put me through! 
This book again has a more New Adult feel than a younger YA feel. 
If you haven't read the first two books in this series (Vampire Academy and Frostbite) don't read the rest of this review until you have because of minor spoilers...
In Shadow Kiss we see Rose getting ready to go through the Field Experience of St Vladimir's Academy, where Guardian's in training become Guardians for 6 weeks to give them experience for how the job is. Rose thinks she'll be paired with Lissa, her best friend and thought to be real charge but she gets paired with someone unexpected. She fights this to begin with, like the Rose Hathaway from the previous books would but she comes to accept her role as someone else's guardian instead.  The main characters go to the Moroi court to vouch that the lead villain from the first book, Victor Dashkov should go to jail for hurting Lissa and turning his daughter Strigoi. There at the court Rose a…