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Rosie's Little Café On The Riviera by Jennifer Bohnet Review

Hi ForeverBookers, 
I've just finished this NetGalley e-arc, so thanks to NetGalley for giving me the chance to read it! It was a cute story with the potential for a sequel. It's released on March 3rd on Kindle, according to Goodreads and February 23rd on both kindle and in paperback, according to 
We follow three women in France. Rosie is the main girl. She gets the most chapters dedicated to telling her story, I think. Rosie is English but has moved to France to open a cafe and to leave her baggage behind her. There are also two other women that we follow but their stories aren't as necessary as Rosie's, I don't think. 
Spoilers below...
In the first couple of chapters, she meets Seb, a young guy who owns a restaurant near her cafe. She and Seb start out as friends but as the book carries on, they end up together. Seb has a daughter with another woman, who is horrible and doesn't care for anyone but herself. Rosie loves being around both Seb an…

Shadow Of Night (The All Souls Trilogy Book 2) by Deborah Harkness Review

Hi ForeverBookers, how are you all faring today? 
I've just finished a great book! It was a reread but I loved it WAY more than the other times I've read it. It was Shadow Of Night by Deborah Harkness.
5 Stars! 
The book is broken into 6 parts. This means that as the reader I didn't get lost in what I was reading as I knew where each part was taking place. For some present day chapters, they're the last chapter in a section but you can clearly tell they're set in present day because of the characters/settings etc.
Trigger warning: Shadow Of Night has moments of loss and moments of violence. It's an adult book anyway, but if you've experienced miscarriage or violence then this might not be the book for you. The miscarriage is only touched lightly on. It's not a huge part of the plot.
Spoilers below...
It starts just where A Discovery Of Witches finished with Diana and Matthew time travelling into the past, 1590 to be exact.  They've travelled back t…

The Vets At Hope Green - Part 2 by Sheila Norton Review

Hey ForeverBookers,

I've just finished Part 2 of The Vets At Hope Green, which is subtitled "Follow Your Heart" and I really enjoyed it again. I got The Vets At Hope Green Part 2 from NetGalley so thank you NetGalley again!
The Vets At Hope Green is at the moment a series of 4 or 5 parts to a full novel. In summer 2017 it will be released as a full novel. 
We still follow Sam, who decides to follow her heart and move in with her grandmother who lives in Hope Green. In Part 1, Sam went to visit her Grandmother during a rocky time with her boyfriend. At the beginning of Part 2, Sam and that boyfriend break up due to not wanting the same things in life. Sam's grandmother had losses of her own to deal with as well, in part 1. In London, Sam worked at a Vets. Before she leaves London, there's a cat that's brought in. Sam feels sorry for it and so takes it to her grandmother in the hopes that she'll look after it and be happier again. This seems to work. 
New f…

The Vets At Hope Green - Part 1 by Sheila Norton Review

Hi ForeverBookers,

I've just read The Vets At Hope Green - Part One in ONE sitting because it was really good! I got this book through NetGalley so thank you to NetGalley for the chance to read it.

5 Stars!

In this contemporary story, we follow our lead character Sam as she deals with job and relationship drama in London. She works as a vets receptionist but has always had the dream of becoming a vet herself.

We learn very early on that Sam is pregnant with her boyfriend's baby. They're having drama, as I said about whether or not they want to be together. Her boyfriend, Adam tells her that he doesn't want children, when it's clear that she does, even before she's pregnant.

She goes away to Hope Green, a village in South England to recuperate a little bit. She stays with her nan who has an old dog called Rufus. Sam helps care for him. Sam alson meets a new vet, Joe Bradley while she's there. Not everything has been revealed about him yet, though. I can defi…