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Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini NO SPOILER review.

This book was good. It wasn't absolutely amazing but it's the first in a series. 
The main issue I had with it was that the chapters were really long. While I don't like short chapters, long ones can also be annoying if nothing is really happening in the story. I felt like the author was just trying to up the word count as the chapters could have been shorter. A few things could have been cut out of the middle of this book and it wouldn't have affected the plot at all. Having said that, the second half, towards the end of the book more things started happening. The plot grew more fast paced so I liked the end part of the book more.
The characters were likeable in this book. My favourite to read about were Helen and Lucas because I felt that they were the main characters. 
I therefore give this book 3 stars. I look forward to seeing what happens in the next book.  
This is a trilogy of books so wait for my review of Dreamless (#2 in the series) coming soon...

BaleFire Series by Cate Tiernan (Spoiler Free review).

Hi ForeverBookers, 
It's taken me forever to read this bindup of books I know. I was ill in between reading it as well - but I really didn't love this series to be honest. 
At the start of the blurb it reads "Mystery, romance and magick collide when long-lost twins are reunited". The main reason for me picking up this book was the romance...but there wasn't much. This is meant to be Cate Tiernan's older teen read I believe and I've read more romance in some of other series for younger readers. 
The first book was okay - 2/5 stars. The second book didn't really add anything to the story - 1/5 stars. The third book was better - 3/5 stars.  The fourth book was the same - 3/5 stars.
If you like reading about witches because you like magic and action then this is for you but if you like reading about witches for the magic and romance (like me) it didn't really give me that vibe unfortunately.
I'll be picking my next TBR series/book soon so watch out for th…