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Goodbye 2017...My Top 10 Reads Of 2017!!!

Court Of Twilight by Mareth Griffith (Court Of Twilight Book 1) Review

Hi Foreverbookers, 
Did you have a good Christmas? I know I did! 
I’ve just finished “Court Of Twilight” by Mareth Griffith, which was okay. It’s quite a simple story that takes a slight twist on fairy lore. 
3 Stars! 
NetGalley granted me a review e-arc of “Court Of Twilight”, so it’s thanks to them that I was able to read it. I actually only requested it because of the dazzling cover, so I’m glad I enjoyed it. Court Of Twilight released on 17th October 2017, so it’s available to purchase now...
“Court Of Twilight” is set in Ireland, and we follow a character called Ivy who finds things that don’t add up with her best friend. Ivy happens across a guy we learn is called Hunzu. He, along with another couple of characters lead Ivy into a fantasy world...
Spoilers below...
The story starts with Ivy who’s living with her best friend, Demi. Demi is a plant extremist and keeps a lot of them at their house,
“The most annoying thing about Demi has to be the houseplants”. It goes into explain just how…

All The Wrong Chords by Christine Hurley Deriso Review

Hi ForeverBookers, 

I’ve just finished “All The Wrong Chords” by Christine Hurley Deriso, and it was okay! It certainly isn’t on my top reads list of the year but I didn’t completely hate it. 
3 Stars!
“All The Wrong Chords” is written in first person. I liked this because we could see what our main character, Scarlett was thinking throughout. She was sometimes a little annoying but all characters have their flaws as well as good points. Scarlett is staying with her Grandpa. I loved reading about their relationship. Her grandpa reminded me of my Grandad a little, too. 
The title of the book, “All The Wrong Chords”, is a take on the music scene, which the book is very much about, but it’s also about life in general, I think. It’s about watching young people grow up, making wrong decisions and seeing how they resolve their issues.
Thanks to NetGalley for providing me with this arc. All The Wrong Chords has just released, according to Goodreads.
Spoilers Below...
Most of the story follows Scarl…

A Murder For The Books (Blue Ridge Mysteries Book 1) by Victoria Gilbert Review

Hi ForeverBookers, 

I’ve just finished reading “A Murder For The Books” by Victoria Gilbert, which NetGalley gave me access to review, so thanks to them! It was an okay read, but it won’t make my favourites of 2017 list. 
“A Murder For The Books” is the first in a series of mystery novels, about a young woman, Amy, living with her Aunt. She’s also a librarian in the local library. There’s also a romance story, which I really liked for Amy throughout “A Murder For The Books”. She sees a dead body in one of the back rooms at the library, one day and the real story of who murdered them starts from there...  
“A Murder For The Books” is told in first person, which I thought worked well. We could see what Amy was feeling directly about each event. In a Murder mystery novel this is what I wanted, to see the effect events were taking on the main character. But there was also, unfortunately quite a few boring aspects to the story, too. In a book called “A Murder For The Books”, I’d have thought …