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Changeless (Alexia Tarabotti Book 2) by Gail Carriger Review

Hi ForeverBookers, 
I've just finished Changeless by Gail Carriger and it was very good. I don't think I enjoyed it quite as much as I did Soulless but it was still an intriguing read. 
4.5 stars (5 on Goodreads)! 
NOTE: Changeless is again an ADULT book due to sexual situations.
Changeless continues from where Soulless ended. We see Lord Conall Macon leave to take care of the business of his old pack having no Alpha anymore in Scotland, leaving his wife Alexia to take care of business at home in Woolsey Castle. This is challenging for Alexia because she was, before marrying Conall, thought to be forever a spinster (someone who won't marry) so she's not used to taking charge of a man's livelihood. Conall didn't inform Alexia of some things before he left. One of those being that all the werewolves camp out on Woolsey grounds at certain times of year. Alexia manages to get her head around this only to find that her mother has dumped her sister on her and that Conall…

Soulless (Alexia Tarabotti Book 1) by Gail Carriger Review

Hey ForeverBookers, I'm sorry that I haven't been here is ages! I've been in a major reading slump as well as not really having time to read. This is why I haven't read a book (apart from manga) in a few months. 
Anyway, Soulless is just what I needed to get me back into reading! It was great! We follow Alexia Tarabotti, who is soulless, a trait that few in this world of 18th century, Britain are born with (hence, the title of the book). Alexia is a spinster, meaning she won't marry. She's over age 25 and in the 18th century women were expected to marry really young. Her mother has already resigned herself to the fact that Alexia won't interest any man so she has put her "on the shelf" so to speak. This is an ADULT book due to some sexual situations more than anything else.
While at a party, the 18th century had lots for girls to meet other people, Alexia comes across a vampire who tries to hurt her. Miss Tarabotti, as Alexia is known throughout the…