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A Raven's Touch (A Raven's Touch Book 1) by Linda Bloodworth Review.

Wow, this book was great!!!
It had everything that I look for in a good read - action, adventure, danger, and a swoon worthy romance. 
What starts off as quite a slow book certainly develops and picks up speed quickly. While I enjoyed the first few chapters, the story didn't really get going until a few chapters later. By around about a quarter of the way in I was really hooked. 
I loved Justice's character and how she stood up for what she believed in from start to end, while still being scared and worried about the future. She let others help her in her quest as well. This all made the story believable. 
The story is about Justice, who is just an ordinary girl to begin with. She experiences pain in lots of forms throughout the book. Some physical but most mental. At about the half way point she discovers something about herself with her parent's help. This discovery is pretty shocking to her. Her closest friend helps her through this transition and Justice learns that friend…

Dreams Of Gods And Monsters (Daughter Of Smoke And Bone Book 3) by Laini Taylor Review

Hi, ForeverBookers, I hope you had a good Christmas! I know that I did :)! 
Anyway, getting into Dreams Of Gods And Monsters, wow! What a book! It takes off from where Days Of Blood And Starlight ended so there will be spoilers below as I can't really review a final book in a trilogy without using spoilers. 
Days Of Blood And Starlight ended with Karou and her family of Chimaera making a pact with Akiva and his followers of Angels. They plot to start a revolution against the bad or White Angels, who are following their leader, Jael (the supposed successor to Joram who was killed off in the 2nd book) who wants to start an apocalypse. The White Angles want to basically take over Eretz (the world of the Chimaera) along with the human world as well. Akiva's group (with the Chimaera) want to stop this from happening. There's plotting, action, comedy, sweet romantic parts and a betrayal that I didn't see coming. There are parts set in different places in our world as well as…