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Love Alabama (Alabama #2) by Susan Sands Review

Hi ForeverBookers, 
I've just finished reading Love Alabama by Susan Sands and I did LOVE it. It's a cute contemporary that reminded me somewhat of Heart Of Dixie crossed with Gossip Girl. 
I'd say this is okay for 17+ readers. There is sex but it's not described. The main characters just have it. 
Love Alabama centres around Emma Laroux and Matthew Pope and their relationship. This is a 3rd person POV story, which I didn't dislike (for once). I thought the fact that it was 3rd person worked because you could see everyone on the same level. If it had been first person, we wouldn't have seen the parts where either Emma or Matthew were alone. Unless the chapters switched POV, which could have gotten messy. 
I was approved to read Love Alabama through NetGalley so thanks to them for letting me read it!  

Love Alabama is actually the second book in the Alabama series. I read it just by itself though, without the first book. This worked just as well as reading it a…

The Bad Luck Bride (The Cavansham Heiresses Book 1) by Janna MacGregor Review

Hey ForeverBookers, 
I've just finished a great book called The Bad Luck Bride by Janna MacGregor. It was really cute but also made me think while I was reading. 
Thank you to NetGalley for granting me the opportunity to read The Bad Luck Bride. 
The Bad Luck Bride tells the story of Lady Claire Cavansham and Lord Alexander Hallworth, the Marquess of Pembrooke from when they meet each other and what happens after...
NOTE: This is an ADULT read due to sexual encounters. 
Spoilers below: This story is told from 3rd person perspective. We start by seeing Alexander, who's just lost his sister. He doesn't know who to blame but he's going to find who hurt her. 
He meets Claire at a ball. Claire is the Bad Luck Bride from the title. She's been engaged/married many times but it's never turned out well. She's engaged to Lord Paul, a minor character at the beginning of the novel but he calls it off cause of the rumours surrounding her and her curse. Then she meets A…

Mad (Mad, Bad And Dangerous To Know Book 1) by Chloé Esposito Review

Hi ForeverBookers! 
I've just finished a pretty crazy story. It was a good crazy though.
Mad is released on 15th June 2017! I got this as a digital arc, through NetGalley so thank you to the publishers and NetGalley for being chosen to review it.

4 Stars!
Note: This is very much an adult read as there's lots of sex, killings and crime in general so it's for ADULT readers. If you're sensitive to any of that I would NOT read this also.
Mad tells the story of Alvina (Alvie) who turns to the life of crime when an incident happens. Alvie looses her job right at the beginning of the book. Alvie is a twin. She's always felt as if she was the unlucky twin because her mother didn't live her as much as her sister, Elizabeth (Beth). When Alvie looses her job she gets in contact with Beth who invites her over to Italy, where she lives with her family. 
As I said above this is very much a crime story. We, as the reader aren't sure of the story the entire time. We'r…

Amber Green Takes Manhatten by Rosie Nixon Review.

Hi ForeverBookers, 
I DNF'd this book I don't have much to say on it, even .I just thought it was so boring unfortunately. The first quarter (what I read) was all about the Glitz and the Glam of working in fashion. The only story there really was, was Amber and her boyfriend moving to New York, for his job. There has to be more story for me to enjoy it...1 Star, and that's being generous...

The Vets At Hope Green: Part 3 - Too Close To Home

Hi ForeverBookers,

I've just read another great part in Sheila Norton's contemporary story about Sam, the vets receptionist, who wants to become a vet herself.

The Vets At Hope Green is available as a full novel in paperback on 1st June 2017, according to Goodreads.

Spoilers below (especially if you haven't read parts 1 and 2)...

In Part 3, we see Sam realising just what she needs to make her baby's life as good as it can be. At the start of Part 3, Sam is at the hospital waiting for her scan to make sure her baby is alright. David, her dog walking friend is with her. We see her meet up with an old friend from London, who may or may not be keeping things from her, form a more steady relationship with her boss, Joe, who opens up a little more about his past. Sam meets Ruby, Joe's daughter who she befriends immediately, and there's a dramatic ending with a cliffhanger...I can't wait to read the final part. That review will be coming really soon.

5 Stars! I r…

The Idea Of You by Amanda Prowse Review.

Hi ForeverBookers! I've just finished a great book called "The Idea Of You" by Amanda Prowse. I was approved by NetGalley to read and review this so thanks to NetGalley for that. 
We follow Lucy, a 39 year old woman, desperate for a baby. We see lots of comparisons between her and women who are already mothers throughout. In the first chapter Lucy is at a Christening for one of her friend's babies as she's the godmother. She thinks it's unfair how seemingly every other woman is in love and is pregnant, but she's not at the moment. That's when our male lead Jonah enters the story...
Spoilers below...
Jonah proposes to Lucy having only just met her. I didn't think that this was necessarily realistic but it does progress the story quickly. Anyway, in the next chapter they're trying for their first baby together after a year or so of marriage. Lucy gets pregnant but she miscarries before 12 weeks. She gets pregnant a few times in total throughout…