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The Wicked Will Rise (Dorothy Must Die Book 2) by Danielle Paige Review

This was a great read, although not as good as Dorothy Must Die (book 1).
The Wicked Will Rise takes us on the journey of getting answers and trying to find redemption. We follow Amy Gumm again as she continues her quest to defeat the evil flowing throughout Oz. 
Some of the words and situations that the characters say and end up in are for 14+ I'd say (the same goes for book 1).  
Spoilers below
Near the beginning of The Wicked Will Rise we see Amy starting the search for Nox, Mombi and the other members of the Wicked. We see her take the Lion's courage, the second of the things she has to take according to the Wizard, to defeat Dorothy in the first book. 
Amy also travels to the land of the Wingless Monkeys where she seeks advice from the Queen monkey, Lulu. Lulu is rude and quite obnoxious towards Amy but she also wants Dorothy's reign of Oz to end. It's revealed while in the land of the Wingless, Amy and Ozma need to find Persephone, the Queen of the Rainbows. 

Dorothy Must Die (Dorothy Must Die Book 1) by Danielle Paige Review

Before I started this I was thinking that it wouldn't be very good in all honesty but I was wrong. At first we see Amy Gumm as a troubled school girl with no friends and not many prospects either. Her mother is a drunk and doesn't care about her. When Amy comes back from school one day, her mother is going out, even though there is a tornado on the way. Amy left alone has to go through the tornado alone. This is what leads her to Oz...
Spoilers below...
Amy doesn't know where she is at first. A boy named Pete helps her when she first gets to Oz. He leaves her quite quickly though, although we do see him pop up a few other times in the story. He tells her of Dorothy's wicked reign. Amy then happens across Indigo, another character. Indigo tells Dorothy more of how Dorothy came to be so cruel and evil as they go to find the Emerald City - the centre of Oz. While Indigo is informing Amy they both come across another character called Ollie, who is a flying monkey. 
Ollie is t…