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Did I reach my 2015 Goodreads reading goal?

Hey ForeverBookers, 
Well, in short YES I did reach my Goodreads reading goal for 2015! I actually bypassed it by 5 books. My original goal was 100 books. And then I upped it by 5 making it 105 books! I read over 35,000 pages!  
I'm really proud of myself as 2015 was my first year for having a Goodreads reading goal (I only discovered I could have one that I could easily update at the end of last year). 
For 2016, my goal will be less books. Probably in the 70-80 range to begin with. I'm excited to see if I can pull it off. 
Did any of you have a Goodreads reading goal? If you did how did you do?

Days Of Blood And Starlight (Daughter Of Smoke And Bone Book 2) by Laini Taylor Review.

Hi ForeverBookers, 
This was a good read! 
This continues the adventure of Karou from the first book so there will be SPOILERS ahead! I can't fit everything that happens into this review. Otherwise it would go on for too long but here are what I think are the most significant parts of the novel. 
Karou has literally just found out who she really is. The first book took us on that journey. 
This book is more of a book of war and redemption than a continuous book of finding oneself. Although it does continue this theme as well. She has moved in to where the other Chimaera live. She's however not too happy about this though because she's forever watched by Ten, Thiago's confident. Thiago (the head of the Chimaera) killed Madrigal (Karou's true self) before she was ever reawakened as Karou. This puts bad blood between her Thiago as she doesn't want to be murdered again. The rest of the Chimaera don't trust Karou either, as they think of her as an angel worship…

Daughter Of Smoke And Bone (Daughter Of Smoke And Bone Book 1) by Laini Tayor Review

Hi ForeverBooker's, I'm sorry I haven't been writing reviews for what feels like ages. I've been busy with Christmas preparations. Anyway...
Wow, where do I start in this review? I thought the book was AMAZING! 
Laini Taylor's writing is beautiful and really enraptures the reader into believing that this version of a mystical Prague exists. It's told in 3rd person, which I normally don't really like but in Daughter Of Smoke And Bone it really worked.  
It tells the story of Karou, a girl who thinks she's just a normal human orphan, until she realises she can do things that other humans can't. 
Karou was adopted by a tooth founder, Brimstone and his small family of chimaeras (part human/part animal beings). She can't remember this adoption, however. She was used to going on tasks to collect teeth for Brimstone.
Teeth ultimate to wishes, in this world. This is a very unique idea from Laini Taylor as I've never seen this done before. K…