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A Court Of Mist And Fury (A Court Of Thorns And Roses Book 2) by Sarah J Mass Review

WOW! I LOVED this book SO MUCH! I can already tell it'll be one of my favourites of the year! If you didn't really like ACOTAR (Book 1) I still highly suggest reading book 2 as it takes the characters and their stories to new heights. It took me 2 days to read and was just over 600 pages! 
5 stars (even though I wish I could have given it more again).  I much preferred ACOMAF to ACOTAR, even though I still gave the first book 5 stars. 
It's a Hades and Persephone retelling. I'm not sure just how much Hades and Persephone went into it as I don't know that story. But based on how much Beauty And The Beast went into ACOTAR (book 1), the second book is its own story just with elements of Hades and Persephone. 
The book is split into three separate parts. The House Of Beasts, The House of Wind and The House Of Mist. These titles are explained in their chapters. 
Spoilers below...
We follow Feyre, in first person narrative again as in book 1 as she struggles to live within th…

Ascend (Trylle Trilogy Book 3) by Amanda Hocking Review

Hi readers, I've just finished Ascend, the final book in the Trylle trilogy and I LOVED it! 
5 stars (it would be more if I could)! 
This again carries the plot on from Torn. There are twists that I didn't see coming to be honest. 
Spoilers below. 
At the end of Torn we saw Wendy having to decide whether or not to go to war against her father. She does go to war because it's the only way to end the fighting between everyone. The actual fighting only takes a couple of chapters to get through, which I liked. 
What this book really focuses on is that we all need to help each other get through hard things in life sometimes. For example, when Wendy's mother dies everyone rallies round to help her through the pain. And in the planning of the fight as well. 
Elora's death was actually more small scale than I thought it would be. I thought Wendy would be crying for lots of chapters afterwards but she wasn't, which was refreshing. She knew she still had her priorities, that s…

Torn (Trylle Trilogy Book 2) by Amanda Hocking Review

Hi ForeverBookers, I've just finished Torn, and wow - I loved it even more than Switched (Book 1). 
I'm giving Torn 5 stars! 
It carries Wendy's story on as she tries to learn enough to become the Queen of Trylle one day in the future. 
Spoilers below, especially if you haven't read book 1. 
This book starts back in the human world because Wendy couldn't handle being royalty at the end of Switched. Matt, Wendy's brotherly figure is in fact meeting his true sibling Rhys for the first time. Then they get captured by the evil Vittra. 
They're taken to the Vittra palace. Here, we learn that Wendy's father is actually the King of the Vittra meaning that she's half Trylle and half Vittra. The author explains this well. 
Before they were captured Loki, one of the Vittra spoke to Wendy. While at the Vittra prison he lets Wendy look around and familiarise herself with the place in case she wanted to stay. She also meets her father, who doesn't seem so bad at f…

Switched (Trylle Trilogy Book 1) by Amanda Hocking Review

Hey ForeverBookers, I'm back to reading things now 😃. I've just finished Switched by Amanda Hocking and I LOVED it!! 

It tells the story of Wendy, a girl who isn't what she's always thought she was. It's told from her narrative, which I appreciated as I like to be inside the heads of the main characters I read about.
Spoilers below...
Wendy, doesn't feel like she's normal at the start of Switched because ever since her "mother" tried to kill her when she was six years old she's known she was different. This is because she's in fact a Trylle, creatures that resemble humans but with slight differences and more abilities. She's being followed by a guy who we later learn in Finn, the tracker sent by the Trylle to keep Wendy safe. 
Wendy was swapped or "switched" at birth. Wendy's "mother", Kim knew she was having a son but when Wendy turned out to be a girl Kim hated her. Wendy's brother, Matt protected her, not kn…

Yellow Brick War (Dorothy Must Die Book 3) by Danielle Paige Review

Hi readers, I'm sorry it has taken me SO long to put this review up for a relatively short book. I've been really busy and I haven't had time to read :(. 

Yellow Brick War starts from where The Wicked Will Rise finished. Amy and Nox have both just battled to try to save Oz. 
Spoilers below...
In the first pages of the third book we're thrust back into the action straight away. We see Mombi, Gurt and Glamora asking for the next witch to step up and join the circle. Amy thinks this is her but is a little confused when she realises it's Nox. Nox does step up to save the place he's called home but he knows that a relationship between him and Amy is forbidden when he does this. I, personally love a forbidden romance in a book so I was all up for this. 
Amy is told by the witches to go back to Kanas and find shoes that Dorothy left there. They will be the only thing that will let her defeat her. She does this because she wants to check on her mother more than for what th…

Chaos Rises (Chaos Rises Book 1) by Pippa DaCosta Review

A NetGalley Review. This title has now released...
NOTE: Chaos Rises is more of an adult read. 
I LOVED Chaos Rises! I finished it in 2 days! I had everything a good book should have. A gripping plot, great/sassy characters, a hint of romance, and lots of action. 
It's set in post Apocolyptic America after "The Fall" whereby Demons were unleashed on the world. We follow Gem, a half ice demon who is trying her best to get her brother, a half chaos demon back. Torrent is the other main character, although we only see from Gem's perspective here. Torrent is a half water demon. I loved his and Gem's rapport that they had with each other. In trying to save herself and Delta (Gem's brother) what has Gem let herself in for though? I'm excited to see this in the next book....
The ONLY thing I wish this book had had is a romance between Gem and Torrent. It's clear they wanted each other. In the next book I'm doubtful this will happen but I still really want to…