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Did I reach my 2015 Goodreads reading goal?

Hey ForeverBookers, 
Well, in short YES I did reach my Goodreads reading goal for 2015! I actually bypassed it by 5 books. My original goal was 100 books. And then I upped it by 5 making it 105 books! I read over 35,000 pages!  
I'm really proud of myself as 2015 was my first year for having a Goodreads reading goal (I only discovered I could have one that I could easily update at the end of last year). 
For 2016, my goal will be less books. Probably in the 70-80 range to begin with. I'm excited to see if I can pull it off. 
Did any of you have a Goodreads reading goal? If you did how did you do?

Days Of Blood And Starlight (Daughter Of Smoke And Bone Book 2) by Laini Taylor Review.

Hi ForeverBookers, 
This was a good read! 
This continues the adventure of Karou from the first book so there will be SPOILERS ahead! I can't fit everything that happens into this review. Otherwise it would go on for too long but here are what I think are the most significant parts of the novel. 
Karou has literally just found out who she really is. The first book took us on that journey. 
This book is more of a book of war and redemption than a continuous book of finding oneself. Although it does continue this theme as well. She has moved in to where the other Chimaera live. She's however not too happy about this though because she's forever watched by Ten, Thiago's confident. Thiago (the head of the Chimaera) killed Madrigal (Karou's true self) before she was ever reawakened as Karou. This puts bad blood between her Thiago as she doesn't want to be murdered again. The rest of the Chimaera don't trust Karou either, as they think of her as an angel worship…

Daughter Of Smoke And Bone (Daughter Of Smoke And Bone Book 1) by Laini Tayor Review

Hi ForeverBooker's, I'm sorry I haven't been writing reviews for what feels like ages. I've been busy with Christmas preparations. Anyway...
Wow, where do I start in this review? I thought the book was AMAZING! 
Laini Taylor's writing is beautiful and really enraptures the reader into believing that this version of a mystical Prague exists. It's told in 3rd person, which I normally don't really like but in Daughter Of Smoke And Bone it really worked.  
It tells the story of Karou, a girl who thinks she's just a normal human orphan, until she realises she can do things that other humans can't. 
Karou was adopted by a tooth founder, Brimstone and his small family of chimaeras (part human/part animal beings). She can't remember this adoption, however. She was used to going on tasks to collect teeth for Brimstone.
Teeth ultimate to wishes, in this world. This is a very unique idea from Laini Taylor as I've never seen this done before. K…

Isla And The Happily Ever After (Anna And The French Kiss #3) byStephanie Perkins Review

An awesome book that finished the trilogy off really well. 
Isla and her boyfriend Josh, are mentioned in Anna And The French Kiss (#1). What I really appreciated about this book was how grown up it was. While Anna And The French Kiss seemed to be more for younger teenagers, I thought that Isla And The Happily Ever After was more for older teenagers or young adults even. 
The book tells the story of Isla and budding artist, Josh and their romance. These characters are more daring than Anna and St Clair or Lola and Cricket in the previous books. They're more willing to break the rules that adults have set. This gets them in bad situations sometimes, like when Isla and Josh sleep together on their forbidden trip to Spain. The sex scenes (there's one later in the book as well) aren't described as this is a YA read. 
Spoilers below:
Isla isn't sure that Josh loves her for being her so she breaks things off with him after seeing him in a political light (like his father). …

Lola And The Boy Next Door (Anna And The French Kiss #2) by Stephanie Perkins Review

Hi ForeverBookers, 
This book was amazing! I preferred it to Anna And The French Kiss (#1) because it seemed far more grown up. This surprised me as on YouTube I had heard that Lola was worse than Anna as a book. 
As this is a companion trilogy Anna and Etienne (St Clair) from book 1 (Anna And The French Kiss) do feature. Anna and Lola work at the same cinema and Etienne (St Clair) and Cricket go to the same college. We don't see too much of Anna or Etienne (St Clair) so the story is still Lola's.
There are minor spoilers below. 
Lola And The Boy Next Door tells the story of Delores (Lola) and her growing up through seeing her make mistakes and try to correct them. For example, at the beginning of the book we see her and her boyfriend Max (she's seventeen years old and he's twenty two years old). Her parents aren't exactly happy about this relationship. Max is portrayed as a man who is more concerned about his band and where they're playing next than Lola. Lola and…

Anna And The French Kiss (Anna And The French Kiss #1) by Stephanie Perkins Review

This is a fab book! Although reading it at this time, with all the shootings in Paris wasn't nice. But I started it before the shootings began so...
I would say that this book is more for the older YA market (14-...) While it's not quite new adult it's certainly not middle grade either due to language and some situations. Some spoilers below...
Anna gets sent to France to attend a school because according to her father it'll be a good experience. She's not wild on the idea though. It's not until she meets people, most of whom turn out to be friendly that she starts to enjoy her time in Paris. Anna is a film critic so she enjoys going to all the old French cinemas. I thought this book had a real Parisienne feel, which I enjoyed. We got to read descriptions of Parisienne streets as well as Notre Dame.  
Most of this book is an on/off again romance between Anna and Etienne St Clair, an American, French boy (who speaks with an English accent). Anna has a crush on a guy…

The Wrath And The Dawn (The Wrath And The Dawn Book 1) by Renée AhdiehReview

Hi ForeverBookers, I'm sorry it's taken me so long to post again. I was ill at the end of October and I don't like reading when I'm ill so I lost a week of reading because of that...anyway I've just finished The Wrath And The Dawn by Renée Ahdieh and it was fantastic!
The first 100 or so pages were slow but after that I couldn't stop reading. The book has lots of Asian elements which I appreciated, although I wish the index for all of the Asian words had been at the front of the book instead of at the back as I only found it after I'd finished reading. 
There are some small spoilers below but there is more to this book than I have written below. I feel that if I write the whole story out - like I've done sometimes before it would spoil the plot. Something which I don't want to do as there are lots of surprises. 
The book tells the story of Shahrzard, a girl who is chosen to be the next wife of Prince Khalid. This comes with fear as well as hatred as…

The Artisans by Julie Reece Review

Another great book! 
We meet Raven, a seventeen year old girl who lives a poor life with her step father Ben who is an alcoholic.  Ben owes debt to lots of people and places, one of those being the Maddox family. The sole heir of said family, Gideon gets in contact with Ben and demands to see him. Raven worries what Gideon will do to Ben, as she thinks he's a strict business owner so she goes instead to see Gideon and to try to work things out with him.  From there on we see Raven having to work for Gideon's fashion company making clothes. She stays on Gideon's estate as a prisoner or so it seems at first. When Raven starts seeing ghosts she thinks she's going crazy. While Raven is at Gideon's, Ben is at a hospital.  We see many emotions throughout this book. I honestly picked it up because I heard that it was a "Beauty And The Beast" retelling and that's not a bad way to describe it, although there are some obvious differences - Gideon isn't a beast …

Last Sacrifice (Vampire Academy Book 6) Review

Hey ForeverBookers, I've just finished Last Sacrifice (#6 of Vampire Academy) And it was really good! 
The book takes you on an adventure more so than the other books I believe. Blood Promise and Last Sacrifice are my favourite books of this series because we see Rose fight and stand up for herself more than ever before, I believe. Blood Promise was more about her fighting for the man whom she loved, whereas Last Sacrifice has Rose standing up for everything she believes in!
SPOILERS below for if you haven't read this book OR series! 
Last Sacifice takes the reader on a journey through watching Rose, Dimitri, Sydney, Adrian, Lissa, Christian and other minimal characters stand up for what they all believe in. 
At the end of Spirit Bound (book 5) Rose was accused of killing Queen Tatiana (an offence that would lead to a death sentence for the murderer). Because of this potential death sentence, Rose, Dimitri, and Sydney (a character from Blood Promise) go on the run in the hope of f…

Spirit Bound (Vampire Academy Book 5) by Richelle Mead Review.

Hi ForeverBookers, 
I finished Spirit Bound last night (sorry the review wasn't up straight away). It was a good book, not the best Vampire Academy book but not the worst either. 
NOTE: SPOILERS BELOW so if you haven't read the series don't continue reading. 
At the beginning of Spirit Bound, Rose and all of the other Guardians have to go through their trials to see if they will be able to handle actually being a Guardian in the outside world. Rose of course passes with flying colours even though her trial is harder than everyone else's as she's already killed Strigoi in previous books.  The gang (Rose, Lissa, Christian and Adrian) go to Court straight after they graduate as it's thought that Lissa will stay at court because it's the safest place. At court they get into mischief in lots of ways. One of those is going to Vegas to find someone who can free Dimitri (Rose's love) from being a Strigoi. Before that though Rose and Lissa bust Victor (the main vill…

Blood Promise (Vampire Academy Book 4) by Richelle Mead Review favourite Vampire Academy book so far! 
This is more towards the New Adult side of YA. 
Blood Promise definitely centres more around the romantic elements of The Vampire Academy books. 
NOTE: Spoilers below!
Rose heads of to Russia to try and find Dimitri. She meets Sydney, an alchemist first though. They start an uneasy friendship but Sydney does indeed help Rose in the end as she's sent by other Alchemist who is a covert character with her to Dimitri's family.  The Belikov's are a bunch of different characters all put into one family. There's the caring mother, the naughty sisters, the responsible sister, and a grandmother who isn't all she seems. The family has it's similarities and differences but you can see how much the characters care for one another and indeed Rose during the hard time Rose has come to tell them about. When Rose does tell them of what happened to Dimitri they are shocked and understandably upset. Rose and one sister start a friendsh…

Shadow Kiss (Vampire Academy book 3) by Richelle Mead Review

What a range of emotions this book put me through! 
This book again has a more New Adult feel than a younger YA feel. 
If you haven't read the first two books in this series (Vampire Academy and Frostbite) don't read the rest of this review until you have because of minor spoilers...
In Shadow Kiss we see Rose getting ready to go through the Field Experience of St Vladimir's Academy, where Guardian's in training become Guardians for 6 weeks to give them experience for how the job is. Rose thinks she'll be paired with Lissa, her best friend and thought to be real charge but she gets paired with someone unexpected. She fights this to begin with, like the Rose Hathaway from the previous books would but she comes to accept her role as someone else's guardian instead.  The main characters go to the Moroi court to vouch that the lead villain from the first book, Victor Dashkov should go to jail for hurting Lissa and turning his daughter Strigoi. There at the court Rose a…

Frostbite (Vampire Academy Book 2) by Richelle Mead Review

Again, another great book! 
In Frostbite we're again seeing things from Rose's perspective. At the beginning of Frostbite Rose is going to see a special Guardian, who will mark her skills as a Guardian in training, the people who look after Moroi.  However when she and her mentor, and crush Dimitri get to the place where the teacher works they see death and destruction. Evil Strigoi vampires have been there and killed the vampire family, as well as the Guardians who lived there.  This event then puts the rest of the story into place as the students and teachers of St Vladimir's Academy go to a resort for the winter months to try to avoid danger of future Strigoi attacks. At this resort Rose meets a new Moroi guy called Adrian. Adrian annoyed me, I've got to say. I wish he hadn't been in the book. He does sort of help at the end and is a help to Lissa in future books I believe, but I could have done without him.  Rose and Dimitri don't really have that many scenes t…

Vampire Academy (Vampire Academy Book 1) by Richelle Mead Review

A good book! 
This is definitely more towards the new adult side of YA! There are some terms in Vampire Academy that you wouldn't see in a typical YA read.
The story is told from Rose's perspective. Rose is a very kick butt character. She's never willing to back down in a fight (in the first book of the series at least). 
Rose, a guardian in training and Lissa, a royal vampire who's a Moroi (a good Royal vampire) have run away from St Vladimir's Academy. That's where this book begins. Dimitri (one of Lissa's already guardians) is sent to find both girls and bring them back to the academy. I found this part a little bit coincidental because you couldn't really have a story about a vampire academy without THE Vampire Academy.  When the characters get to the academy they're sent to the headmistress, who isn't very nice. She tells both girls that it was very irresponsible to run away. There's a reason as to why Rose and Lissa did run away but I don&…

Forever (Book 3 in the Mercy Falls Trilogy) by Maggie Stiefvater

Hi ForeverBookers,

A great finale! 
This book had it all! It did have a few boring slow moments but it also had fast paced action moments. I love some romance as well and that was in there too. 
While this book did have a few slower sections as I wrote above it did have short chapters, which I appreciated as I could read them easily without having to put the book down. All of the Shiver series had short chapters actually. This kept me really gripped to the story in this case. The last 100 pages or so really had me gripped...I stayed up until late to finish the book. 
Forever carries on and finishes what Shiver and Linger start. Read those books before you read the rest of this review because there are slight SPOILERS! 
Grace is still a wolf where Forever starts. Sam wants her to be human (like him at that point of time). He and Isabel and Cole (two characters from in Linger) try to find Grace but they are unable to find her at first. When they do find her she stays with Sam at the es…

Linger (Book 2 in The Mercy Falls Trilogy) by Maggie Stiefvater Review.

Hi ForeverBookers, Linger was another great book! 
Some spoilers if you haven't read Shiver (book 1) yet. 
It starts from where Shiver ended following the same characters. We get to see how Sam starts his life as a human again after so many years as a werewolf. Grace is suffering from an unknown illness that steadily gets worse the further you read on in the book. I thought the author wrote the scenes of her illness well. They were compelling to read. 
We also get to read from two new perspectives as well. Isabel, who is mentioned in Shiver and Cole who is a completely new character. Isabel is the werewolf (that died at the end of Shiver's) sister. Cole is a boy band member who was turned into a werewolf. Isabel and Cole are unsure of each other to begin with but they learn to get along. 
The story of Linger focuses more on Grace and Sam being separate after Grace's parents catch them in bed together. It's a YA book again so they're not actually doing anything but slee…

Shiver (Book 1 of The Mercy Falls series) by Maggie Stiefvater Review

Hi ForeverBookers, 
I've just finished Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater and it was great. Much better than I remember it being. This is about the third time I've read it I think. 
There are minor spoilers below but there are some big things that I didn't include in the review that happen as well.
Shiver tells the story of Grace, an ordinary girl with a normal life and Sam, a young man who becomes a wolf if it gets too cold. When Grace was younger she was outside in her garden/yard when she was bitten by a wolf. People who get bitten change into wolves when it's winter - all except Grace. We don't know why she doesn't in this book. Sam hates turning into a wolf each winter so he and Grace spend all Autumn doing things together. Humans only get a certain amount of Springs, Summer's and Autumns as humans once bitten. Sam feels that the Autumn in the book is the last Autumn that he'll ever see as a human so he and Grace spend that Autumn doing good things together.…

The Sin Eater's Daughter (The Sin Eater's Daughter #1) by Melinda Salisbury Review.

Hi ForeverBooker's, the Sin Eaters Daughter is really good book of revenge, love, intrigue, heartbreak, truths and finding oneself! 
There are some minor spoilers below. 
The Sin Eater's Daughter tells the story of Twylla, the Sin Eater's daughter who can't be touched by anyone. If she does touch anyone they'll die.  Twylla is guarded at all times by two guards at first and then just one. This one guard, she falls hopelessly in love with because he is the only one who she sees day in, day out. The author made the love story really sweet and quite believable to me even though it was a little instant lovey. Because Twylla didn't see anyone else throughout her day, apart from her betrothed sometimes it was believable. Because of the betrothed and the guard there is a love triangle in this book but it wasn't an annoying love triangle.   The Queen of this story is evil. She's told lies to everyone and they believe her because she is Queen. The author made it eas…

Always A Witch (Book 2 in the Witch Duology) by Carolyn McCullough.

A great ending to the "Witch" duology!
I enjoyed this book more than "Once A Witch" because it had more of a story to it. It also had more characters in it as well it being a dual century book. The story takes place mainly in 1887. I found this interesting because I could see differences in the clothing, setting etc as I reading. 
Tamsin is still the lead female character in this book. I found her to be more adult and less annoying in this book. It was interesting to be her (both books are told from her perspective) because she experiences highs, lows, comedic moments, scary moments etc. I enjoyed the first person perspective because I could see how Tamsin was feeling at every point in the book. 
Tamsin is the "beacon" of her family as she can do something that no other witch can. She can use another witches power. She travels back to the past in order to defeat a family of evil witches who steal blood for their magic. She must find her family in the 1800…

Once a Witch (book 1 of 2) by Carolyn MacCullough

Hi ForeverBookers, 
I've just finished Once A Witch by Carolyn MacCullough. It was a great urban fantasy. 
Cassandra Clare says "A fantastic urban fantasy with an enchanting romance at it's heart" so of course that sucked me right in and it didn't let me down!  
This story is for older teens I'd say. It almost falls into the New Adult category. This urban fantasy that tells the story of Tamsin Greene who is a witch without powers (she thinks), from a witch family.  One night she's working in her family's bookshop when a man walks in asking for help. He needs help in finding an item. Tamsin doesn't know what this item is for at the time. The man coincidentally thinks that Tamsin is in fact her sister, who can perform magic well. This then starts the main plot of the story in that Tamsin tries to find this item but when she thinks she's succeeded it's revealed that not all is what she thinks. Add in drama with her sister, Rowena,  some cute roma…

A Court Of Thorns And Roses (ACOTAR book 1) by Sarah J Mass Review

A good book! It had a few slower places and it wasn't all romance, which I expected because of the Beauty and the Beast retelling part. It's a new adult story although not overtly so in this first book.
There was enough romance to keep me hooked however. 
Some minor spoilers below...
Feyrah starts out the story hunting. The first chapter is told entirely in prose, which is different as there's normally speech involved as well. This helped me get an idea of the setting and of just what Feyrah was doing and feeling. 
Tamlin, the main make character isn't introduced for a few chapters, which was also surprising. We got to know Feyrah's life before Tamlin before he came into the story. This was quite unique, for me at least as with most books I read both the female and male leads get either introduced together or a just few chapters apart. In ACOTAR it took me ages to get to where Tamlin entered the story. This gave Feyrah more character development but it also didn&#…

Bloodrose (Nightshade series Book 3) by Andrea Cremer Review.

Wow!! I really enjoyed this book. It ended the series nicely. (This is the THIRD book in a trilogy so don't read the rest of this review if you don't want to be slightly spoiled. 
I thought the pacing and the main plot of Bloodrose was great and filled with adventure. The book is broken down into 4 main parts, Air, Water, Fire and Earth, where the characters try to find and assemble a weapon that will destroy the Keepers and save the world. This gave the book a unique feel to me as I haven't read a story in parts named after the elements. There were humorous moments, sad moments, and exciting moments where I was turning the pages quickly to see what was going to happen. There were little bits of romance thrown in there as well :D. 
The ending didn't disappoint either as it was filled with action and exciting moments. 
When I saw the 1/2 star reviews for this book I was reluctant to pick it up I have to admit but the book ended the way I wanted it to. I won't put what …

Wolfsbane (Nightshade series book 2) by Andrea Cremer Review.

Hi ForeverBookers, 
This book was great like Nightshade (the first book in the series). Wolfsbane focuses on Calla and Shay and the group they've joined with at first. In getting to know the new characters I laughed out loud a lot, which I don't normally do at the relationships that some of the characters had/formed with each other. We see Calla go through a lot to save her friends and family but we also see loss as well and how it affects her and the other characters through her eyes.  Shay doesn't really have a huge role to play in this book but I think the third book will be focused more on him again, as the first book was. Ren wasn't featured much in this book either, which I was grateful for. The small  bit that he was present for he wasn't nice in but that was a small part of the main plot of the story so I forgave that.   Shay is still the main love interest for Calla, although Calla wonders what would have happened if she'd stayed with Shay throughout the …

Nightshade (Nightshade series book 1) by Andrea Cremer Review.

This book has a little bit of everything I love: romance, humour, action, secrets, as well as a paranormal aspect. It even has a love triangle which I don't actually mind. I normally can't stand love triangles.
Calla, an alpha of her pack of werewolves, the nightshade's, is expected to be bonded to Ren, the alpha of the Bane pack of werewolves. She's not sure if she wants that though. Then comes Shay, a boy who doesn't know of werewolves at first. Shay and Calla have an instant chemistry but try not to show it as Calla is forbidden to be with Shay. I found this element of the book typical of most love triangle books but at the same time it was exciting to read because of the plot that went along with it. A story has to be in the right place for a love triangle and I believe that this one certainly was. 
Shay asks for Calla's help in trying to work out who he is, his parents were killed when he was young. I found this interesting to read because of the rapport bet…

Dark Possession (Fairwick Chronicles Book 3) by Carol Goodman Review

A great finale! This is a short non spoiler review. I can't really delve into the details of this novel as it's the third in the trilogy so that's why this is so short.
Dark Possession starts with Callie depressed having lost her love, Bill - right when she told him how she felt. It's about Callie gaining her power and battling against the villain, who is revealed in the second book. 
Callie has to go on an adventure to gain what she needs to beat the enemy, back to a historical Scotland where she meets people who help her as well as more villains. I found the past element of this book the best part because I got to see Callie fall in love all over again with her Incubus before he became her Incubus - which gave me insight on him and his life before Callie. 
At the end of Dark Possession, we see Callie overcome her fears and become the powerful woman that she was always meant to be. 
I give this book 4 stars because it needs an epilogue showing how Callie would be after th…

Water Witch (Fairwick Chronicles Book 2) by Carol Goodman Review.

Hey ForeverBookers! I've just finished Water Witch (book 2 in the Incubus series by Carol Goodman). The first book in the series "Incubus" MUST be read first. I won't post any big spoilers in this review so if you haven't read "Incubus" you won't be spoiled. 
Again, a fantastic book. This novel continues Callie's story as she tries to get over losing the man she was involved with.
This book is really focused on the door to Fairie and trying to keep it open as well as Callie's apparently doomed love life. There's again a swell of new characters, both human and not human. There's good and evil as well. 
Liam (Callie's lover) still features in the story although not as much. 
Callie learns about her witch powers also, which was good to see as it bought another, interesting level to the story. 
This is still an erotic, adult novel so not for younger readers.
Overall I give this book 4.5 stars. It has everything that I love but was a little…

Incubus (Fairwick Chronicles Book 1) by Carole Goodman

Hi ForeverBookers, 
This was a great book. It's got a romantic plot line (which I loved) as well as a darker more mystical plot line as well. The romance doesn't really start until half way through the book but when it does start it's good. 
Callie becomes a teacher at Fairwick College. She had to leave her boyfriend in the city as he hadn't finished his degree. Fairwick is a mystical place though, filled with creatures who aren't human, as well as normal humans.  Callie has erotic dreams, after she moves there. Dreams that have been given to her by her incubus.  At first Callie stays in an Inn in Fairwick because she doesn't have anywhere else to stay. But she sees this Victorian house and decides to buy it and live there. There are mysteries that surround the house.  We get to know a couple of Callie's students and a lot of her colleagues at the college throughout the book. These characters add to the story. I didn't find anyone to be out of place while re…

Witch: A new beginning (The Witch Series 1) by LS Gagon Review

I got this book through NetGalley. Wow - what a book! It has mystery, humour, romance and danger all rolled up into one book. 
It tells the story of a girl who thinks she's something but it's revealed that she's a witch as the story progresses. The spells were written in rhyme, which I think is quite unique. The romance was a huge part of this story, which I loved! There is an evil force In this story, who wants to bring disaster to the lives of the main characters of this book. He doesn't care about hurting anyone. There is a cliffhanger ending however as it's the first book in what I think is a trilogy. This is not a HEA book. There are twists and turns that you won't see coming until you read them also. 
I therefore give this book five stars. I can't wait to read the next in the series...Thank you to Autumn Day Publishing for giving me the chance to review this book.

The Vampire Diaries - The Return: Midnight (Book 7) by LJ Smith Review

This story starts again with a run down of the main events of the last book, which again I appreciated. 
The story is first of all focused more on Damon trying to get his vampirism back. He goes back to the Dark Dimension to do this. Bonnie is upset about him leaving so he reluctantly takes her there with him. 
In the Dark Dimension, Damon leaves Bonnie in a hotel while he goes to get "vampirised". Bonnie gets bored in waiting for Damon to return though so she goes across the street to a sweet shop. While at the sweet shop, remembering that she is a slave in the dark dimension, she has to wait her turn to buy what she wants. However, when the shop keeper asks her for her master's card to see who she belongs to, she remembers that she doesn't have any information pertaining to this. She also doesn't have any slave bracelets on either. This means she has to go to a slavery house, where slaves are sold. I could easily imagine this happening through the authors prose. 

The Vampire Diaries - The Return: Shadow Souls (Book 6) by LJ Smith SPOILER Review

This book is about Elena, Damon, Meredith, and Bonnie entering "The Dark Dimension" to find the 2 pieces of a key to rescue Stefan from a prison called the Shi No Shi. He ended up there because of a deal he made with Shinchi (one of the fox demons). It starts with a summary of the last book, which I really appreciated as a lot happened in the last book. The last book ended with Elena, Damon and Matt going to find the Dark Dimension. Matt and Damon disagree a lot though so they take separate cars half way to Arizona (where the gate to the Dark Dimension is). Elena and Damon take one car and Matt takes another. They say they will meet up closer to their destination but before they split up, they get into an argument. Matt returns to Fells Church unknowingly to Elena and Damon at first. I honestly thought it was pretty pointless having Matt along in the first place if the author is just going to send him back. Why not just have Elena and Damon go? 
In a motel room Elena has a mom…

The Vampire Diaries - The Return: Nightfall (Book 5) by LJ Smith Review

Wow! This book has it all. 
It starts from where the other Vampire Diaries book series finished. Elena (who has become a bit of an otherworldly spirit) and Stefan are happily together and Damon is really jealous of Stefan because he wants Elena.  Then the story goes away from the plot of the TV show. Basically, one night while driving through the woods Matt, Bonnie, and Meredith hit a tree. From that tree comes an evil force known as the "Shinichi" or fox spirits. These spirits are Japanese and they take over the human body and soul.  Because Damon is jealous of seeing Elena so in love with Stefan, he plots to capture Stefan and take his place in Elena's heart. He uses the fox spirits to do this. Meanwhile Bonnie develops feelings for Damon, although these aren't really explored in this book.  The fox spirits take over the town of Fells Church, turning people into monsters and demons who eat their own flesh. The story sounds pretty horrific but it's not that bad to r…

The Vampire Diaries - Dark Reunion (book 4) by LJ Smith

This was the best book so far in the series! 
In this book we follow the same characters as they try to work out what the cause of all of the bad things that had happened was. This book is the most like the show I think as it has a lot of the same elements throughout. 
The story follows Stefan, Bonnie and Meredith primarily trying to find out where Elena has gone in the afterlife. Damon, Matt, Caroline and Tyler also feature but not as much as the others. The evil villain is a familiar character from the TV show as well. 
Again, the writing was easy to follow in this book. The diary entries were few and far between, which made the book easier to follow.
I gave this book 4 stars because it was good. It didn't quite get five because some elements were a little predictable and there wasn't too much romance either. 
The Vampire Diaries was originally a four book series until a few years ago but now there are more books. I look forward to reading the next book soon...look out for my rev…

The Vampire Diaries: The Fury (Book 3) by LJ Smith Review

Hi ForeverBookers, 
I've just finished the third Vampire Diaries book and I think I can say that this is my favourite of them so far :). 
This book solves a mystery that was in the other 2 books - what or who is possessing the town where this book is based. The show takes more from this book than the other ones I believe. 
We still see the drama between Elena and Stefan and Damon but we also see twists and turns with the other characters as well as a little more of Elena's family. 
There's an evil force at work more in this book than the others so far. I can remember being excited when reading the last few chapters of this book when I was a teenager - I just really wanted to know what would happen!
LJ Smith's writing style wasn't confusing, like in the last two with the diary entries. There were still diary entries of course but they flowed better - they weren't as disjointed from the rest of the story. 
I overall give this book a 4 stars. I look forward to reading D…

The Vampire Diaries: The Struggle (Book 2) by LJ Smith Review

Hi ForeverBookers'
I've just finished reading the second Vampire Diaries instalment and it was better than the first. 
The story for this one follows on from the last with the same characters. We see the characters of Elena and Stefan grow closer as a couple and the start of Damon's jealousy towards Stefan. The human characters have more of a role in this book as well as they cause trouble and strife for the main characters. The book ends on a good cliffhanger.
This book isn't so much based around a murder, as the first one was. It's more based around the drama of relationships and finding something that was stolen n the first book.
I'm going to give this book a 3.5 stars as it was better than the first. I liked the relationship growth between the characters as well as the demise of other relationships.