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Greatest Hits by Laura Barnett Review

Hi ForeverBookers,
I've just finished a great contemporary, Greatest Hits by Laura Barnett!
3 Stars! - I got Greatest Hits to read through NetGalley so thanks to them for allowing me access. It was published on 15th June 2017 so is now available to buy. 
NOTE: Greatest Hits has some content to do with drugs. It's set in the mid 1990's when I believe drugs were seen as cool, though. There are some deaths of characters that are emotional scenes as well. 
Greatest Hits tells a biography, I suppose of this fictional singer named Cass Morgan. It tells the story from when she was born, in 1950 to present day. It describes all of the struggles that she has to cope with as well as the highs she experiences, throughout her career. 
Spoilers below...
Cass doesn't get on with her mother at all when she's young. Her mother called her Maria but she doesn't like this name. Her father calls her Cassandra, her second name so she goes by Cass. When her mother abandons her and her fat…

Obsession by Amanda Robson Review

Hi ForeverBookers, 
I've just finished Obsession and it was good. There are lots of twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat. I wasn't 100% sure what was going to happen throughout, which I liked. 
Thank you to NetGalley for granting me permission to read Obsession. It was a great read. Obsession is definitely an ADULT read as there are sex scenes as well as disturbing content too. 
We follow four people in Obsession. Rob, a doctor who's also very religious, Carly, a nurse and Rob's wife, Jenni another very religious person and Craig, Jenni's husband. We see from all of their perspectives throughout the novel. This was interesting but also a little jarring at times. 
Mental health is brought up in Obsession. Carly, who doesn't know who she truly loves, suffers, Jenni also suffers to an extent. I thought the author did a good job writing about the mental health issues. Although the book wasn't solely focused on them, enough time was given for them t…

Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty Review

Hi ForeverBookers, 

How are you all today? I've just finished a great contemporary book!

4 Stard!
NOTE: There are scenes of abuse and bullying in Big Little Lies so if you're sensitive about either of those topics this book maybe isn't for you. 
Big Little Lies tells several stories at once. There's the story about the trivia night that runs throughout, the story of who one of the main character's father is, the story of an abuse victim, a story of a teenage girl putting her virginity up for sail in the internet and the main story for most of the book, little children lying about who bullied another child. All these stories were handled well. 
We see the characters, both major and minor be interviewed throughout because of the murder that happened on trivia night. I'll be honest in saying that at the beginning of the book I thought that another character had been killed so it was a surprise to read what actually had happened. 
Spoilers below...
The main characters are…