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Starcrossed Series Review (No Spoilers)!

Hi ForeverBookers, 

Sorry I haven't been here recently. I've been too busy for reading :(. I've read the Starcrossed series, but this'll just be a quick series review as I didn't have time to review each book. 

Starcrossed (I have an indidual review for this but I thought I'd write another and put it with the others)...4 stars
This book was good as it focused on real life and there wasn't much of the mythological element. I think it's hard to write about Greek/Roman myths as no one knows what really happened. The romance in this book was okay. There wasn't too much to overwhelm the book as the title might suggest as when I see the word Starcrossed, I automatically think Starcrossed lovers.
The writing in this book was good. But the chapters were too long I thought. 

Dreamless...3 stars. 
This was the book that I had the most issues with in the trilogy. The story introduced a new male character that was meant to portray a rival love interest for the lead female character. I didn't like this book because it was too heavily focused on the new male character and the lead female's relationship. 
The story was okay. The lead female character has a mystery to work out and save the world from appocolipse. 

Goddess...4 stars
This book was better than the second and probably better than the first for me. This book was more focused on the secondary characters but still had its primary focus on the lead female trying to save the world. 
There were a few mistakes in this book but I still enjoyed it. 

Overall the series was a 3.75 stars for me! 

Look out to see what I'll be reading next soon...


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