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Days Of Blood And Starlight (Daughter Of Smoke And Bone Book 2) by Laini Taylor Review.

Hi ForeverBookers, 

This was a good read! 

This continues the adventure of Karou from the first book so there will be SPOILERS ahead! I can't fit everything that happens into this review. Otherwise it would go on for too long but here are what I think are the most significant parts of the novel. 

Karou has literally just found out who she really is. The first book took us on that journey. 

This book is more of a book of war and redemption than a continuous book of finding oneself. Although it does continue this theme as well. She has moved in to where the other Chimaera live. She's however not too happy about this though because she's forever watched by Ten, Thiago's confident. Thiago (the head of the Chimaera) killed Madrigal (Karou's true self) before she was ever reawakened as Karou. This puts bad blood between her Thiago as she doesn't want to be murdered again. The rest of the Chimaera don't trust Karou either, as they think of her as an angel worshipper, which is forbidden. Thiago makes this worse by shunning Karou in every way he can. Karou still loves Akiva, even though she tries not to after learning that he was a part of what killed her family. 

When Karou kills Thiago, near the end of Days Of Blood And Starlight because he tries to rape her he is bought back to life but as Ziri. One of Karou's friends from before and her only tribe member left (at least before he died). Karou sees it's Ziri. The new Thiago wants to protect Karou, which will no doubt make a little love triangle happen in the 3rd and final book between Akiva and Ziri. 

On the other side, the Angels are plotting against the Chimaera, just as the Chimaera are plotting against the Angels. Akiva is still in love with Karou and he is set on ending this war one way or another. He and is brother and sister go to kill their master. Although they succeed in killing him, it's still bad because an even more ruthless leader takes his place. This leader kills their brother so it's just Akiva and Liraz. Liraz was evil in the first book but in this story she lightens up and comes to be on Akiva's side in the war. 

Also there is human involvement as well. Karou's best friend Zuzanna or Zuze and Mik (Zuzanna's boyfriend) come to find Karou and keep her safe. This ends up being both good and bad. Good, because Karou finally has people who believe in her and who are on her side. And bad, because their lives are in danger with so many Chimaera against Karou around. There is human involvement in the first book but it's just passing time between the important things for a bit of light relief, I feel. In this one the human's actually have a role within the plot, which was nice to see. 

I liked this book. There ISN'T much romance in it (from the two lead characters anyway) as they are apart for most of the book. However, this book did have more of an action based plot than the first one, what with the lead characters trying to stop the war between their people. I give this book 5 stars again because the writing was again, beautiful and haunting. It stayed with me after I finished reading, which is what a good book should do. It should also leave you wanting more, which this book certainly did. That's why I'm giving this book 4 stars! 

I'm looking forward to reading Dreams Of Gods and Monsters soon. 


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