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The Hidden (The Hollow Trilogy Book 3) by Jessica Verday Review

I loved this conclusion. The first book didn't have a good plot, the second book was a lot better and this third book just finished the trilogy off nicely. I liked how all of the books in The Hollow trilogy were formatted with a little excerpt from "The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow" at the beginning of each chapter. The chapter was based on that line, which I felt was different. 

I'd say this book was appropriate for 14+ year olds because there is some swearing as well as some scenes that middle grade readers shouldn't be reading. 

I can't really review this book without having a few spoilers so there will be spoilers below...

The lead girl (Abbey) a perfumer who wants to open a perfumery called Abbey's Hollow and who's best friend died before the trilogy begins, and the lead guy (Caspian) fell in love all the way back in book 1. However, with Caspian being a Shade, someone that no one but Abbie (his other half) can see, life has got hard for him. That's until he realises that Abbie wants to die to "complete" him. 

The Hidden had great writing for the most part, a great plot, great characters, which all leads to a great story. It was a little repetitive of the previous 2 books at the beginning but that was to be expected. The characters, whom we learn more about, were even more fleshed out in the 3rd book I felt. The story certainly continued to gain pace (I finished it within 2 days)! 

The same villain is present in The Hidden that was in The Haunted. We learn more about him, and why he's so hell bent on keeping Abbey alive so keeping Abbey and Caspian apart. 

Abbie makes a new friend - Cyn - who can become Kristen at times. I liked seeing the paranormal edge that this trilogy had as it was something different that I hadn't seen before in literature.  

The title "The Hidden" was a mystery to me when I started this reread. I'd read the book for the first time years ago. It is explained what it means within the book however. 

This conclusion basically gives us thoughts on what people feel after a loved one has died and just how much they want to be with the one they love more than anything else. There's a tough choice for Abbey to make at the end of The Hidden. 

I gave this book 4 out of stars because it finished the trilogy off nicely. The only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars is the fact that it felt a little too perfect. I think some bad things could have happened or the bad things that did happen could have been expended on within the story. Also Abbey's mental health issues were no where in this story really. I'm going to miss reading about Abbey and Caspian though...


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