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A Year And A Day by Isabelle Broom Review

Hi ForeverBookers, 

I've just finished one of the most enchanting, magical but real stories I've ever read! 

NOTE: this book involves talk of cancer and suicide so if you're uncomfortable with either of those topics, maybe don't read it. Also sex is mentioned a couple of times throughout the novel.

In this contemporary novel, we follow three couples as they go to Prague. Each couple has something to work through while in Prague. They all involve love in some way so this book was perfect for me. The title of this book all means something different to each character as well. 

4.5 Stars (5 on Goodreads)!

Slight spoilers below...

The first couple we follow is Megan and Ollie, two young friends. They've come to Prague to be inspired. Megan for her photography work and Ollie for his job as a primary school teacher teacher. At first they're no more than good friends but this changes while they're in Prague. Are they together come the end of the book? 

The second couple we follow is Hope and Charlie. They're a middle age couple who have come looking for some sort of redemption. Hope kissed her driving instructor (Charlie) while still married to her husband. Will her daughter forgive her?

The third couple we follow in Prague is Sophie and Robin, who met in Prague a few years before. We only see Sophie, although we hear about Robin. Why isn't Robin there with her?

For all those questions you'll have to read to find out the answers. 

I really loved how this book captured all the senses of love that it did. We have best friends who may fall in love, a couple embarking on a new love with doubts and someone who's looking for answers as to why their love isn't there with her. 

The settings were described magically. I could imagine myself in Prague. 

My favourite of the love stories was Megan and Ollie's. I just loved how the author captured their discoveries and their overall journey. I feel that Megan and Ollie had more of the story given to them. Hope and Charlie, and Sophie were more side characters who supported the story, I thought. But everyone will probably feel differently on this depending on who your favourite characters are. 

All of the characters had their own quirks. They were all funny in their own way but they also had times of doubt and reflection throughout as well. This made the book true to real life. 

The only scenes I didn't like so much was Sophie's chapters where her history with Robin was drawn upon. There is a reason why their past is discussed though, which becomes clear towards the end. That's why I'm giving A Year And A Day 4.5 stars (5 on Goodreads). Stand by for my next review, coming soon...


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