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Love Alabama (Alabama #2) by Susan Sands Review

Hi ForeverBookers, 

I've just finished reading Love Alabama by Susan Sands and I did LOVE it. It's a cute contemporary that reminded me somewhat of Heart Of Dixie crossed with Gossip Girl. 

I'd say this is okay for 17+ readers. There is sex but it's not described. The main characters just have it. 

Love Alabama centres around Emma Laroux and Matthew Pope and their relationship. This is a 3rd person POV story, which I didn't dislike (for once). I thought the fact that it was 3rd person worked because you could see everyone on the same level. If it had been first person, we wouldn't have seen the parts where either Emma or Matthew were alone. Unless the chapters switched POV, which could have gotten messy. 

I was approved to read Love Alabama through NetGalley so thanks to them for letting me read it!  

Love Alabama is actually the second book in the Alabama series. I read it just by itself though, without the first book. This worked just as well as reading it after book 1, as it's focused on a different character to book 1. 

Spoilers below...

Emma Laroux is doing makeup for her sisters cookery show when she meets Matthew, the director of said show. What Emma doesn't realise is that Matthew and her have met before. Matthew knows this but keeps it a secret because he doesn't want to wreck his chances with Emma.  

There is an evil, selfish character too. Tad Beaumont, mayor of the town is this character. He always wants everything to go his way. I just thought he was very egotistical and that he didn't show anything but hate towards the other characters, even his wife and daughter. He was only concerned with getting Emma back. Of course Emma only wanted Matthew, though. 

Matthew goes through his own struggles as well, in Love Alabama. He suffers from PTSD because of an event that happened in his past. We see him work through that to be better in himself. This was nice to see as we saw him revisit his past and make do with it. 

The climax of this book is whether or not Emma and Matthew end up together or not, which I enjoyed reading about.

What I liked about Love Alabama:
I liked the language used...this comes across an authentic Alabamian story. The author is from America, so that's probably why. I like reading contemporary books set where authors are from. It gives the reader confidence in what they're portraying is correct.
The knew this would be here somewhere, right? This is my favourite trope. Although some might think it a little instalovey I really didn't think that at all! Matthew knows Emma, already, hence why he just throws himself in there, I think. There really wouldn't be a story without the romance, as its central to the plot.

What I didn't like about Love Alabama:
The quick/perfect ending...I would have liked to have seen the ending played out longer. I also would have liked to have seen Emma and Matthew as a married couple with their own family but we might see this in the next book. 

All in all then I really liked this sweet, Southern contemporary. It's the perfect summer read! That's why I'm giving it 5 stars as I really couldn't see anything wrong with it. 


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