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The Royal Treatment - A Crown Jewels Novel, Book 1 by MJ Summers Review

Hi ForeverBookers, 

I've just finished this AMAZING book that Netgalley gave me permission to read and review so thanks to them. It was published in May 2017 so is available now...

NOTE: The Royal Treatment is an ADULT novel as the main characters have sex a few times.

The Royal Treatment, which is a dual perspective story, tells the story of Tessa Sharpe, 28 years old who is just a blogger at the start of the story. At first she lives on her own but often goes to see her parents and brothers, and their families. 

We see Tessa make mistakes while she's blogging, which are funny. This gets her in trouble. She also runs a Royal blog, where she keeps people up to date on the monarchy of Avonia, the place where she lives. Tessa doesn't like the Royals. She thinks they're not doing their jobs right. She wants the Prime Minister of the country to take over rule. That is until Prince Arthur asks her to move in with him and his family to just see that they are doing the best job they can do...

5 Stars!

Spoilers below...

When Tessa first moves in with the Royals she's very apprehensive. She's only there, at the Palace to get her place back on the newspaper job she was fired from, at first. She just thinks that the Royals are a bunch of liars and cheats, who have

 "no place in modern society" 

which Arthur shows her they're not and that they do have a place among modern people. They're better than the equivalent, the Prime Minister being in complete power. In showing her what his family are truly like though, he starts to fall in love with her. He sees that she's not some wayward reporter and that he cares for her in a way more than just Royal should care about a commoner.  When he opens up about how his mother died is when they really get close. Tessa also falls for him completely, without realising at first. 

We see some of Tessa's blog posts and responses as well as her texts and phone messages from her friends and family throughout. I laughed a few times reading these. We see one of her supporters in dismissing the Royals here, too. 

I liked reading this because it was a simple story to immerse myself in. The chapters that were told from Tessa's POV felt like it was actually me experiencing the events. The chapters told from Arthur's POV were amusing and I laughed out loud a couple more times while reading them. 

"We are trying to appear professional here, in our Sponge Bob pyjama bottoms" 

Tessa wears Sponge Bob PJ bottoms at one point. This reference made me think of this as a contemporary, even though the place, Avonia doesn't exist. Avonia also has the same rules as any country in the real world would. And it shows that Tessa, although she's 28 doesn't mind letting her young side show. The British monarchy is brought up once too to keep the story current. American food is brought into the story as well. We know it's not a fantasy when a character is mentioned as once having been in Tiffany's at just under half way through, as well as the food.

I thought it was funny how Arthur refers to his penis as, "Excalibur". This brings a little bit of history into the story even if it is in a crude/comic way. It also keeps up with the Royal theme too. 

Arthur's family are stuck in the dark times, it can be said. His father is a totally selfish pig and his younger sister is a brat. His grandmother or "Grandmum" as he calls her gets on with him and helps him see that Tessa is really the only thing important. What his father thinks doesn't matter. His father doesn't like Tessa. He thinks she should leave Arthur alone and go back to her old life so saving Arthur in the long run in his warped mind. I thought his "Grandmum" helping him was sweet and it shows that the older generation can be sometimes wiser than their children/grandchildren. Even if this is just fiction.

I thought the author did a really great job keeping the reader entertained, throughout, as well as making us want to read on to see what happened to Tessa and Arthur, as well as the other characters. That's why I'm giving The Royal Treatment - a Crown Jewels Romance Book 1 5 Stars! I really cannot WAIT to see what happens to Tessa and Arthur in the next book. I'm sure there will be lots more laughs! 

Stand by for my next review, coming soon!


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