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Last Sacrifice (Vampire Academy Book 6) Review

Hey ForeverBookers, I've just finished Last Sacrifice (#6 of Vampire Academy) And it was really good! 

The book takes you on an adventure more so than the other books I believe. Blood Promise and Last Sacrifice are my favourite books of this series because we see Rose fight and stand up for herself more than ever before, I believe. Blood Promise was more about her fighting for the man whom she loved, whereas Last Sacrifice has Rose standing up for everything she believes in!

SPOILERS below for if you haven't read this book OR series! 

Last Sacifice takes the reader on a journey through watching Rose, Dimitri, Sydney, Adrian, Lissa, Christian and other minimal characters stand up for what they all believe in. 

At the end of Spirit Bound (book 5) Rose was accused of killing Queen Tatiana (an offence that would lead to a death sentence for the murderer). Because of this potential death sentence, Rose, Dimitri, and Sydney (a character from Blood Promise) go on the run in the hope of finding Lissa's long lost relative so she can be Queen of the Moroi race. If Lissa is Queen it's thought that Rose won't be charged with murdering Tatiana. They travel far to find what they need to clear Rose of any charges. They come across a camp of Moroi who live by their own rules, not conforming to the majority, 2 slightly villainous characters from previous books, one of which helps turn a Strigoi into a Moroi, that Moroi then helps them by pointing them in the direction of Lissa's long lost sibling. While this is going on for Rose through the bond that Rose and Lissa have we also see what happens to Lissa back at court. 

Lissa, is trying to become Queen to take the pressure off of Rose. The court is busy trying to find a new queen after Rose and Dimitri break out of court to do what they're doing above. This means that Rose doesn't have to hurry quite as much to find out a) who killed Tatiana and b) who Lissa's brother or sister is. She also doesn't have to rush too much to get back. 

We do get to see some romance for both Rose and Lissa separately. Rose's romance was a bit back and forth between Dimitri and Adrian but I'm overall pleased with who she chose to be with. Lissa's romance was only with one person whom I didn't really like in the first book but by the last book, I liked him.

I don't want to put who the sibling is but we've seen them in other books. I'm not going to reveal who did kill Tatiana either as that's also a major spoiler (if you know one or both of these things, please DON'T comment who they are as they're both big surprises). I was shocked when I read who killed Tatiana. 

Overall, I really enjoyed Last Sacrifice and the series as a whole. I give Last Sacrifice 5 stars because it had everything I love: a great plot, romance, humour, action etc. While I'll be sorry to say goodbye to these characters for now, I'll see most of them again when I read the Bloodlines series, which I look forward to doing sometime soon...


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