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Spirit Bound (Vampire Academy Book 5) by Richelle Mead Review.

Hi ForeverBookers, 

I finished Spirit Bound last night (sorry the review wasn't up straight away). It was a good book, not the best Vampire Academy book but not the worst either. 

NOTE: SPOILERS BELOW so if you haven't read the series don't continue reading. 

At the beginning of Spirit Bound, Rose and all of the other Guardians have to go through their trials to see if they will be able to handle actually being a Guardian in the outside world. Rose of course passes with flying colours even though her trial is harder than everyone else's as she's already killed Strigoi in previous books. 
The gang (Rose, Lissa, Christian and Adrian) go to Court straight after they graduate as it's thought that Lissa will stay at court because it's the safest place. At court they get into mischief in lots of ways. One of those is going to Vegas to find someone who can free Dimitri (Rose's love) from being a Strigoi. Before that though Rose and Lissa bust Victor (the main villain from book 1) out of jail as it's his brother in Vegas that they need to try and see. 
They do this but they also lose the Victor in the process. They see Dimitri, the Strigoi as well who shows no remorse for all the killing he's done. They come back to court without Dimitri as he escapes their clutches. 
Back at court Rose is in trouble for escorting Lissa and Adrian and putting them in danger. She goes through a series of punishments, building, gardening, filing etc, which she finds tedious. 
While this is going on Lissa asks Christian to teach her how to fight Strigoi which he does, along with the help of Lissa's Guardians at Lehigh (The school that Lissa goes to see through recommendation of the queen). 
At Lehigh there is a Strigoi attack. Lissa and Christian are both taken captive by Dimitri (who is still a Strigoi). Rose and the other Guardians at the Court rush in to help save Lissa as she's a Royal Blood. 
During the fight Lissa manages to plunge a spirit enhanced stake into Dimitri's heart, which slowly begins to change him back to a Dhampir. When he is changed he looks to Lissa with admiration and the love a saved person gives their saviour. Rose is of course jealous by this as she would have done the staking if she could have. 
Back at court again Rose is still being punished for putting Lissa in danger in Vegas. She tries to see Dimitri but he doesn't want to see her. It's later revealed that he can't bear to see her because it reminds him of all the pain he put her through as a Strigoi, even though it's obvious to the reader that he still deeply loves Rose. She doesn't see this of course - she just wants life to carry on as it had before all the Strigoi drama happened. 
Queen Tatiana (the ruler of the Moroi) changes a law, which has Rose furious. It occurs to Rose that if Lissa had her place on the council this law wouldn't be passed. However, Lissa needs another family member for this to happen and it's thought that she's the only one. 
At the end of this book Queen Tatiana is murdered and it's thought that Rose was the murderer. We as the reader know that it wasn't Rose, because she's with Adrian when the murder happens so the question is...who killed Queen Tatiana?

I give this book 3.5/3.75 out of 5 stars. While I liked it, there were some elements that I just wanted to skim through. They didn't hold me as much as some other parts did. I liked the romantic subtext, particularly with Rose and Dimitri. I still don't like Adrian much in the Vampire Academy books because he's just not the right guy for Rose. They don't suit each other. Also while some of the action scenes caught my attention like all the Strigoi attacks, some of them like the trial at St Vladimir's just didn't. I'm not a fan of big political plots either so the politics side to the book let me down also. 

I'm reading Last Sacrifice (book 6) next...



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