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Changeless (Alexia Tarabotti Book 2) by Gail Carriger Review

Hi ForeverBookers, 

I've just finished Changeless by Gail Carriger and it was very good. I don't think I enjoyed it quite as much as I did Soulless but it was still an intriguing read. 

4.5 stars (5 on Goodreads)! 

NOTE: Changeless is again an ADULT book due to sexual situations.

Changeless continues from where Soulless ended. We see Lord Conall Macon leave to take care of the business of his old pack having no Alpha anymore in Scotland, leaving his wife Alexia to take care of business at home in Woolsey Castle. This is challenging for Alexia because she was, before marrying Conall, thought to be forever a spinster (someone who won't marry) so she's not used to taking charge of a man's livelihood. Conall didn't inform Alexia of some things before he left. One of those being that all the werewolves camp out on Woolsey grounds at certain times of year. Alexia manages to get her head around this only to find that her mother has dumped her sister on her and that Conall has made sure she visits a hat makers in London. Why, Alexia doesn't know at first. She brings her best friend Ivy (the one who LOVES hats) with her when she goes. 

At this hat makers, Alexia meets Madam Lefoux, a strange scientist type of woman, who dresses very masculine. When this novel was set, in the 1800's women dressed in dresses, not in a masculine way. They go with Ivy, Angelique, Alexia's servant, Alexia's sister and Tunstall, Conall's servant on an adventure to find Conall and help him get the Kingair pack, his old pack of wolves sorted. 

This adventure isn't at all plain sailing for any of the characters. Those travelling to Scotland take the dirigible (an old type of flying device) to Scotland. Here the characters experience some near death trials but they do end up in Scotland. 

As soon as the Dirigible leaves them Conall finds his wife. At first he questions why Alexia has come but when she tells him of how she was angry at being left in charge so rashly, he's not so perturbed and is happy to see her. 

They have to try and get themselves in Maccon Castle, which Lady Kingair doesn't want at first. She recognises Conall as her great-great grandfather (werewolves live many years) but she has no idea who the others accompanying him are. She relents when Conall tells her that Alexia is his wife and Ivy is her friend. Alexia notices how dank and dreary old Castle Kingair is compared to Woolsey Castle back in London. 

There is a betrayer in Castle Kingair, who keeps trying to steal Alexia's things. They also shot at both Madame Lefoux as well as Conall.

I really enjoyed the second half of Changeless. When 3 Egyptian mummy's are brought in to a room for an unwrapping party, things start to go a little bit haywire. Two of the mummies Alexia is okay about but the other makes her feel sick. This is because one of the mummies is in fact a preternatural, like Alexia. Preternatural's can't be around each other. I don't want to write any more about the mummies or why they're there, at castle Kingair as its best to figure that out for yourself...I was really surprised by what they do. 

Also it's revealed that Angelique was the betrayer. Alexia kills Angelique who does come back as a ghost to answer a few questions before Alexia exhumes her body meaning that she can go wherever as a ghost. 

There are other less important things that happen in Changeless as well, but I believe I've captured the most important ones above. 

There's something that leads Changeless onto Blameless (Book 3) as well. I don't feel there was this with Soulless. I'm excited to read more. 

I'm giving Changeless 4.5 stars because I found there were a few moments where not much happened. But there were moments filled with events as well. If it had been a little bit more evenly spaced out I might have given it 5 stars. Also how Alexia and Conall refer to each other as husband and wife all the time is a little annoying. It's like they don't really know each other after 6 months of marriage when we know that they do know each other intimately.

What are your thoughts on Changeless? Leave them in the comments below.


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