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Soulless (Alexia Tarabotti Book 1) by Gail Carriger Review

Hey ForeverBookers, I'm sorry that I haven't been here is ages! I've been in a major reading slump as well as not really having time to read. This is why I haven't read a book (apart from manga) in a few months. 

Anyway, Soulless is just what I needed to get me back into reading! It was great! We follow Alexia Tarabotti, who is soulless, a trait that few in this world of 18th century, Britain are born with (hence, the title of the book). Alexia is a spinster, meaning she won't marry. She's over age 25 and in the 18th century women were expected to marry really young. Her mother has already resigned herself to the fact that Alexia won't interest any man so she has put her "on the shelf" so to speak. This is an ADULT book due to some sexual situations more than anything else.

While at a party, the 18th century had lots for girls to meet other people, Alexia comes across a vampire who tries to hurt her. Miss Tarabotti, as Alexia is known throughout the book, prods said vampire with her iron plated parasol, which ends his life. Lord Maccon and Lyall, a werewolf alpha and his second see Alexia do this, which leads to questions of who this Miss Tarabotti truely is. Alexia reveals herself as soulless (not a spoiler as it happens right at the beginning) to the two men. The overall story of Soulless is about Alexia and Lord Maccon trying to figure out what's happening with all of the creatures. By creatures, I mean werewolves, vampires, ghosts etc. 

The characters are what really holds this story up! They were brilliant. I just wanted to keep reading to get more of Alexia's whimsical thoughts and Lord Maccon's sarcasm. One of Alexia's friends, Lord Akeldama is a gay vampire so there is an LGBTQ aspect to this as well. He is overly flamboyant in every aspect. Miss Tarabotti's best friend, Ivy is what every girl imagines her best friend to be, I think. Alexia's family were a pain but I think that's how they were meant to come across. 

There are evil characters mixed in with the good. The author did a good job making them evil. In this steampunk world, science and machinery are used to torture some of the characters at the end. I could imagine these torture devices easily. In the middle of the book Alexia goes out with an American scientist, who her mother hopes she will marry. Although there is a more evil character, I didn't like this man because there was nothing to pull you towards liking him. Again, I think this was meant to happen as the reader is meant to swoon for Lord Maccon, which I was!

The story is filled with humor, as well as flirting between the two protagonists. I have to say that I just wanted them to get together, which they do but right at the end. I'm however excited to see where their relationship leads them over the other books in the Alexia Tarabotti novels. The only thing that I didn't like so much was the political side to this book. Although most of it is romance or comedy based, there were parts that went into the structure of politics between all of the creatures of the novel. It didn't stop me reading it but I had to read the bits that I didn't understand slower, which kind of messed up the pace for me a little bit. 

Overall then, I really enjoyed reading this. I read most of the book in 2 days so I'm going to rate Soulless 4.5 stars (5 stars on goodreads), just because as I said above I found the political parts slowed down the story a little but the romance was very present throughout. 

I look forward to reading on with Changeless next. Let me know your non spoiler thoughts of Soulless below...


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