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Heartless (Alexia Tarabotti Book 4) by Gail Carriger Review

Hi ForeverBookers, 

I've just finished reading Heartless and it was fantastic.

5 Stars!

In Heartless, we follow Alexia Maccon again going through her pregnancy as well as trying to work out just who is threatening the queen. We also learn more of the relationships that the characters have or in some cases had to each other as well. Alexia's sister also makes some appearances too. 

Spoilers below...

I apologise if I miss some bits out here, but I suffered with a migraine for 2 days where I couldn't read...

Anyway, Lady Alexia Maccon and Lord Conall Maccon are back together after the events of Blameless. Alexia is looking forward to the birth of her baby when she hears the news that she'll have to give her up for adoption to her best friend Lord Akeldama because of attacks that have been going on recently in London. This is of course once the baby is born. This I can see bringing up desperation for Alexia and Conall, wanting to see their child. They of course don't know what they'll be having yet, boy or girl as the story is set in the 17th century. 

Also, we see a lot of other characters such as Professor Lyall, Madame Lefoux, Lord Akeldama, a few appearances from Alexia's best friend Ivy, who reveals that she's pregnant as well as well as Biffy, the vampire who is now a werewolf. 

The overall plot of Heartless is based around Queen Victoria's supposed assassination, as well as Alexia's pregnancy. Alexia has to try and work out just who it is that's going to attempt to kill the queen. She does this with help of a ghost. This ghost however has to be touched by Alexia because she's going crazy in the book. Alexia's touch will dismiss a ghost and send them onto the next world. 
Alexia sends Ivy to Scotland to get help from the werewolves there because she's too pregnant to go herself. Ivy sends back a clue to help Alexia. 

The end of Heartless is a battle between the vampire Queen, Countess Nadasdy (not Queen Victoria as Alexia first thought) and Madame Lefoux. Madame Lefoux wants the child she raised as her son back. However, Angelique, Quesnel's blood mother gave her son to the Vampire Hive after her death instead of Madame Lefoux. Madame Lefoux builds this octopus contraption to hurt and kill the vampires holding Quesnel. Alexia gets involved in this just before she goes into labour. Does she and the baby survive? You'll have to read to find out. 

Heartless was SO much better than Blameless. It felt like it was a much quicker read, despite the migraine. The plot moved a lot quicker and it was very funny, which helped! There wasn't really a part of Heartless that I didn't like I don't think. It had everything from the romance, which I the comedy, as I've just said to the dramatic moments that were suspenseful as well as written brilliantly. The only thing I didn't quite understand was the title, Heartless. I don't know what that means to the overall story. And I would have liked to have seen a little more of Lord Akeldama as he's a really funny character and I love the relationship between him and Alexia but I expect we'll see more of him in Timeless - The last book of the series. 

I'll either read Timeless or one of the two books I have NetGalley arcs of as they're timed and I only have them until November, and December respectively so stand by for my review of one of them next...


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