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Butterfly On The Storm (Book 1 of The Heartland Trilogy) by Walter Lucius Review

Hi ForeverBookers, 

I've just finished another great book! 

Butterfly On The Storm tells the story of several characters who take part in trying to solve a crime mystery. There are literally so many characters within this story; some good, some evil, that I can't write information on all of them but most of them held their own story throughout, I thought. Sometimes we get characters who aren't really necessary to the overall plot but all of the characters personalities played into this story well. 

Butterfly In The Storm really suits anyone 18+ that wants a thrill while reading, I think. I say it's for 18+ because there are some quite  horrific things that happen. I think that reading something that's scary is different to watching something that's scary. If you're watching it, you can't avoid it but if you're reading it, you can make it as scary as you want to. There's threatening behaviour as well as murders in Butterfly In The Storm, along with betrayals and sexual behaviour so that's why I say it's best for age 18+ readers.

Butterfly On The Storm is a political thriller, which I don't normally like reading because I find them boring but this story had a lot more than just the political jargon and thriller aspects. There's a slight romance storyline that I hope will be played more upon in the next books as well as funny parts too. As well as these things, there are great characters that really put the story up another level for me. This is a very character driven story. There's an overarching plot line too but the characters personalities' are what made it so good to read, in my opinion.

Butterfly On The Storm basically tells the story of a young boy who's found, after an altercation. We, as the reader don't know how he ended up in the predicament he was in. The story explores why the boy was left in the situation he was in as the other characters and we, as the reader try to work out what happened. 

Minor spoilers below.

Now, as I said it's impossible for me to write all the ins and outs of Butterfly On The Storm because the story is just so dense. It's a long book as well. Farah is one of our main characters. She is at the hospital when the boy that the mystery revolves around is bought in. This boy is dressed as a female because he's part of a Bacha Bazi ritual, which is when young Afghan boys dress and act as girls for the pleasure of older, rich men. The mystery is why was there a boy found outside, a distance from the hospital run over by a vehicle? This takes up a lot of the story but there are many surprises to do with this plot too as well as many deaths. I won't give anything away as to who dies or how. There's also bad language so that's another reason for young people to not to read Butterfly On The Storm. 

What I liked about Butterfly On The Storm...
- The thrilling atmosphere the author created.
- The little romance involved.
- How this will be a trilogy.
- How the author based this novel on true events, and real people were mentioned in and around the characters of the story.
- How the setting is in Eastern Europe. We don't really get many books set in Eastern Europe.  

What I didn't like about Butterfly On The Storm...
- That there were too many characters. The only characters that really cared about were the Afghan boy, Farah, Calvino (a detective working on the case) and a doctor. The rest were there but they didn't have a huge effect on me.  
- That the book was a little too long. Some of the scenes just weren't necessary, I don't think. Having said this, the story read really quickly. This is probably down to the short chapters. 

I'm giving Butterfly On The Storm 3.5 stars (4 on Goodreads). I enjoyed it but would have liked for it to have been a little bit shorter. Also I don't understand what the title means to the overall story yet...maybe that will become clearer in the next books. The characters were my favourite part of the book. I loved their differing personalities. It would have been better to have had not so many characters though as the story seemed too busy. What I mean by this is that at one moment we were following one story, then in the next chapter, we're following something else.

I'm excited to read book 2 when it's available so stand by for my review of it...


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