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Sea (Huntress Book 1) by Sarah Driver Review

Hi ForeverBookers,

I've just finished book 1 of a great fantasy adventure trilogy.

I requested Sea from NetGalley so thank you to NetGalley for the opportunity to read it!

Sea tells the story of Mouse a 12 year old girl when the story starts who's grown up at sea. She has a little brother, Sparrow too that she cares for. Her grandmother is the captain of the Huntress, their ship at the beginning of the book. Mouse is meant to become captain after her grandmother but someone impedes that happening. Mouse has friends on the Huntress that we don't really see in this book. They might come into the story more in future books.

Sea is marketed as a aged 9+ book. I don't think it should be read until age 13 really as there is lots of violence, blood and threatening behaviour. The protagonist is 13 for the majority of this book. I don't think a younger reader should read it.

Sea is written in first person perspective from the protagonist, Mouse's point of view. I really enjoyed reading from her perspective because I could see myself in her in how she stands up for whatever she believes in. She never backed down. These are the sorts of heroines that I love reading about.

Slight spoilers in the next paragraph.

The plot of Sea is basically Mouse trying to find her dad to begin with. She looks at a carving he made her and notices that it holds secrets that she didn't know before. The plot then turns to Mouse trying to get Sea Opals, special gems that hold power before the main villain of the story can get them. When the main villain takes her brother, her grandmother, her friends and her ship away from her, all Mouse has are her sea hawk and her brother's Moonsprite to aid her in getting what she owns back. Mouse meets a land dwelling boy as well. He's called Crow and at first they don't like each other. However, when they have to work together they do so, grudgingly. I have hopes that more of a relationship will develop here in the next books. Crow helps Mouse find her brother but do they succeed in rescuing him?

As I said above, this is a fantasy book. This world has terrodyls in it. I imagined them as pterodactyls, and it also has other evil creatures as well. Another fantasy element is that of "beast talk" which is something that a few of the characters can do. Mouse is one of them. It's how she communicates with her sea hawk and other creatures she meets. The last fantastical element I'll discuss here, is something her brother can do...communicating with whales. This isn't really a huge part of this first book but I'm sure it will come more into play in the next books in the trilogy.

This is a character/plot driven story so the setting isn't really built upon. We know when the characters are on a ship or on land but apart from that the setting is a little left to be desired. This doesn't really matter though because as I've said above it's a character/plot driven story so the world building doesn't need to be that expansive. I think because it's meant for younger readers as well, the setting isn't hugely drawn upon.

I enjoyed the language of Sea. It used a lot of Pirate terms which really immersed me in the story. Mouse has been brought up on the sea so that's why she speaks the way she does.

I really enjoyed Sea. I found the overall story interesting and I'm really excited to see where the next books take us. I'm giving Sea 4 stars because I loved the characters, the relationships, the language, and the fantasy elements that were a part of the book. The main reason I'm not giving 5 stars is because I think the book is marketed for the wrong audience. I think the book is marketed at 9+ year olds just to allow the setting not to be explained as much as it should have been.

Sky is the next book and I'm excited to read and review it for you guys, hopefully...


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