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This Mortal Coil by Emily Suvada Review

Hi ForeverBookers, 

I've just finished an awesome book! I got This Mortal Coil from NetGalley so thanks to them for letting me read it. It was soooo good!! 

5 Stars!!!

This Mortal Coil is a dystopian story that tells the story of Catarina who, along with friends has to find out who she is among the strife of a deadly plague that's killing off the worlds population through hydra clouds. 

The story is told from first person POV, which I loved! I thought the author did a great job at tackling different emotions that our main character, Catarina went through. 

There are too many good parts to quote. I'm not going to do that as this review would be so long if I did but I've summarised what happens below...SPOILERS!!!  

We see Catarina start as a shy girl with not much experience of the outside world become a warrior. Some may class this as a "special snowflake story", whereby Cat is the special one that everyone has been waiting for. She doesn't know this, though. While the story is that, it's also so much more. I, personally quite like those sorts of stories, anyway. 

Cat is working as a hacker for the Skies resistance movement against Cartaxus, the imposing cooperation who don't care about helping people, they just want to win the war against the hydra plague.

Cat's father, Dr Lachlan Agatta is a bit of a mysterious character at first. We don't know whether he's good or evil. This does eventually get revealed. I don't want to spoil  anything here, as it's better if you read it yourself but he has many secrets. Most of which, Cat doesn't know. 

Dax is another main character. He worked with Lachlan to try and find a cure to the plague. He and Cat have a relationship at the beginning of the book. That's quickly wiped out, though, when Cat meets Cole. Cole is a young man, Lachlan sent to protect Cat.   
There's a romance between Cat and Cole that develops throughout This Mortal Coil. Cole is always there to help and protect Cat. 
I really enjoyed this. There were fast paced action scenes but also a few slower romantic scenes. I always think it's good if an author can do both, well. This author did that! 

I loved the settings. They're described so vividly so I could actually imagine that I was there, with Catarina and Cole, fighting against this plague. We spend most of the story in 2 settings. One, Catarina's bunker, where she's been hiding out. And two, at Cartaxus, the place she's been scared of. 

There's a lot of technical talk in This Mortal Coil. It's explained well, but I must admit that some of it went over my head. As this is a dystopian, the author is able to create new concepts that we haven't heard of, yet. I enjoyed this on one level but my capability for understanding some of it wasn't quite there. 

I finished this on Halloween, and there's certainly a creepy feel to the events that happen in This Mortal Coil. 

What did I like about This Mortal Coil?

I liked how each of our characters seemed separate. They were telling their own story as well as being a part of the main plot. No characters were jumping on top of another, figuratively speaking. 

I liked how This Mortal Coil had elements of horror, romance and comedy. The author wrote all three of these parts well. 

I liked how the story flowed well. There weren't any parts that I thought were redundant. Everything was necessary, hence why there are no quotes above...

I loved the twists and turns that the story took. One minute I was thinking one thing but the next I was thinking something else, towards the end. I love books that keep me on my toes. 

I loved how the story centred around who Catarina was. The other characters played into this but it was interesting to see Cat come to her own conclusions. 

What didn't I like about This Mortal Coil?

The only thing I didn't love was all of the technical talk, even though I understood the story as a whole. 

I cannot wait to read book 2!!! Thank you, again to NetGalley for giving me permission to read and review this, early. I LOVED it, hence the 5 star rating. 

Does This Mortal Coil sound interesting to you? Will you be reading this? Let me know what you thought of it in the comments below...


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