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A Discovery Of Witches (The All Souls Trilogy Book 1) by Deborah Harkness Review

Hey ForeverBookers, 

Well, I've just reread my favourite book EVER for probably the TENTH time, baring in mind that it's over 600 pages! The book's called A Discovery Of Witches and it's by Deborah Harkness. 

This is an ADULT book because some of the situations are bloody and brutal. 

It's my favourite book because I love romance, as you know if you've read my previous reviews. I love the characters, especially Diana and Matthew. Diana, a witch doesn't practice magic because of her parents' deaths. She's scared that if she uses magic, she'll die just like her parents. Matthew, a vampire is a scientist but when he meets Diana he becomes someone with a purpose. 

Spoilers below...

We start with Diana in the Bodlian Library, Oxford, England. She's a historian and is reading manuscripts when the novel starts. 
She asks to view a certain manuscript called Ashmole 782. This manuscript is mysterious and what the novel is really based on. The characters focus on unveiling the manuscript's secrets. That's what they're trying to unlock.  It's forbidden for Diana and Matthew to be a In love because the congregation does not allow mixed couples between creatures. Of course Diana and Matthew ignore the congregation and are together anyway. 

Things that I loved besides the romance were: the sense of family this book has between everyone (not just our main couple), the funny moments that are spotted here and there, the settings that are described whimsically and most importantly the characters and the plot. This book certainly takes the reader on an adventure, covering at least 3 countries. One of those countries is England, where I'm from. It was nice to read about places that I recognise. 

We go to France from England and then to America with the characters. In France we meet Matthew's Vampire mother, Ysabeau and Marthe, her maid.  I enjoyed reading Diana's perception of them. She at first sees that Ysabeau doesn't like her. This changes when Matthew falls in love with her. I also enjoyed Matthew's protectiveness of Diana. 

In America, we meet Diana's aunts, her guardians since her parents' deaths. Sarah is a little affronted by Matthew but she gets along with him for Diana's sake. Emily seems to accept him. The LGBTQ spectrum is seen here as Diana's aunts are lesbians. The story isn't at all focused on that relationship though. It's just there. 

I obviously give this 5 stars because it's an old favourite and the story just encaptures  you and doesn't want to let go. I highly recommend it if you're a fan of paranormal romance, history, and science as those are the fields Diana and Matthew are interested in. 

Have you read A Discovery Of Witches? If you have what did you think? What was your favourite part, keeping the spoilers to a minimum. 

I'll be rereading the next book, Shadow Of Night next...


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