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The Forest Of Adventures (The Knight Trilogy #1) by Katie M John

Hi ForeverBookers, 

I have a new book to add to my list of favourites! The Forest Of Adventures is a great book if you love romance, adventure and history/fantasy as it has all of those elements. 

This book is mature in some aspects so I'd say only age 16+ readers should read it. It doesn't get graphic but sex is still brought up. 

We see from Mina's perspective throughout so the main girl in this story, who's seventeen years old. She's at college when she sits next to a boy, Blake Beldevier. He's a very charmingly mysterious guy. Mina is already in a relationship with Sam. A guy she's known from years before this book starts but she's attracted to Blake. When Sam sees Mina walking with Blake one afternoon at college, he gets angry and has a car crash. The rest of the book centres around this accident and Mina's relationship with Blake as well as other characters, her mother for instance who has always wanted Mina to marry Sam when she's old enough. Mina herself doesn't want this though after meeting Blake. This is quite an ista-love book, which I love but if you don't like that then maybe it wouldn't be for you. 

There's also another plot point. The Arthurian legend sub plot was interesting to read. It's what the fantasy subplot is based on. You could tell that the author had done her research but that she'd also changed certain aspects of history to fit in with this story. I'd never read a book even slightly based on the Legend Of King Arthur so this was interesting to me. 

The characters were well developed. I could see myself in Mina. And Blake has a past, partly dark but you could tell that he's the hero in this story. The evil characters were great. You can tell they're going to cause havoc in the rest of the trilogy. 

I'm giving this book 5 stars because I loved it! The slightly new adult elements helped me enjoy it more, I think because it seemed more grown up that regular YA stories. If I could have changed one thing, it would have been seeing a few of the chapters from Blake's point of view, just because I think this would have opened his character up a little bit more if we could have seen from his POV. 

The sequel to this book will be great as it will expand on the plot points bought up in The Forest Of Adventures. I can't wait to read it and review it for you guys.

Have any of you read this? What did you think? Would you read this if you haven't already? I really enjoyed it as you can see! 

I look forward to choosing my next read soon!


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