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Cress (The Lunar Chronicles Book 3) by Marissa Meyer Review

Hi ForeverBookers,

Wow - where do I start! I LOVED Cress! This is the 3rd instalment in The Lunar Chronicles so you DO need to read both Cinder and Scarlet first as it's a continuing storyline throughout the series. 

The main character of this book, Cress was put on a satellite by herself when she was a child. She hasn't had anyone to communicate with, apart from Mistress Sybil - the thaumaturge who put her on the Satellite under Queen Levana's orders. That is until Cinder, Scarlet, Thorne and Wolf come to her because they're in need of her help to save the world from Levana. Cress is very tech savvy so that's why they're in need of her assistance. Cinder communicates with Cress and tells her a time that they'll come and save her in their Rampion spaceship. Cress is overjoyed as she's spent over 10 years alone on her satellite with no one but her computer or "little Cress" to communicate with. 

However, this goes awry when Sybil comes to check on Cress, and to check if she's doing what she's meant to be doing - spying on the earth. When Sybil finds out about Cinder's rescue of Cress, she thinks it's the perfect time to capture Cinder because she's Lunar and should be on Queen Levana's side. 

Although the capture of Cinder doesn't happen, her crew is separated. Cress and Thorne are in a space shuttle hurtling towards the earth, Scarlet is captured by Sybil and taken to Lunar and Cinder and Wolf have a new accomplice in the form of Jacin, one of the Queen's guards. 

Wolf is of course angry that Scarlet, his love was taken but as he cant do much about it he goes to Africa with Cinder in search of Doctor Erland (a character from Book 1). We don't see much of Scarlet in this book. There are a couple of scenes about her on Lunar but no more than that. 

Cress and Thorne wake in the desert after their shuttle crashes on earth. Thorne has lost his eyesight in the crash and so needs to rely on others for their assistance in certain things. It was interesting to read about a character who used to do things so easily himself, need help from others to do the simplest of things. Cress helps him a lot in the desert. I laughed at his lines often because he was funny and didn't take himself to seriously, even in a dire situation like losing his sight. 

Cress and Thorne come across a troop of people while in the desert. At first we're lead to believe they're nice and friendly but when they kidnap Cress we're shown how they truly are. This troop aren't present in much of the story. They help at first get Cress and Thorne back to civilisation but after that they want to sell Cress. Luckily they want to sell her to Dr Erland. This leads the gang back together again as Cinder, Wolf and Jacin are already with Dr Erland by this point. While in civilisation Thorne finds a body for Iko, Cinder's friend from book 1 who was the Rampion for a little while. 

From here, the story is about stopping the wedding of Prince Kai and Queen Levana. I don't really want to put what happens as it's best, I believe for you to read it for yourself but just know that I certainly DO NOT REGRET reading Cress! 

We see a little bit of Winter, the other main protagonist that we haven't met yet on Lunar with Scarlet. We don't learn too much about her. That will be in the 4th book of the series I'd have thought. 

I'm giving Cress 5 stars because it was funny, heart warming, had great characters and a fast moving plot. The romance was spot on what I wanted to happen as well. Especially between two particular characters. 

Have any of you read Cress? If you have what are your thoughts? Please don't write any spoilers though...I can't wait to start Fairest next. 


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