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Winter (The Lunar Chronicles Book 4) by Marissa Meyer

Hey ForeverBookers,

YES! It's happened - I've finished Winter! For a mega sized book it really didn't seem to take too long to complete surprisingly. 

Spoilers if you haven't read any of the Lunar Chronicles books in the summary below... 

The final novel of the Lunar Chronicles sets up and shows us the war between Cinder (or Princess Selene as she's also known) and her comrades while they go up against the evil Queen Levana and basically all of Lunar (Queen Levana's Kingdom). Winter takes part entirely on Luna (apart from a chapter or two at the beginning which take place on Thorne's ship). The author could really delve in and make her own fantasy world here, which was cool to read about. 

Spoilers for Winter below...

We obviously see chapters with all of our favourite characters in. Winter and Jacin become main characters here. We see both of them in Cress but they get their own personalities in Winter more. Winter, herself is a little crazy because her stepmother (who killed her father in Fairest) doesn't care at all for her. She has nightmares, and often sees the walls bleeding. Jacin just wants to protect Winter as they've grown up together. He's told to kill her at one point by Levana but of course he doesn't do it. He gets around it keeping her alive, with Levana thinking she's dead. 

Scarlet was taken captive by Sybil (one of Levana's thaumaturge's) at the beginning of Cress. She's Winter's "pet" to do what she wants with the Queen says. Jacin helps Scarlet escape but asks that she keeps Winter safe as well. Scarlet doesn't have a huge role to play in Winter. Wolf goes through a lot of change in the book. When the crew arrive upon Luna, they first go to see Wolf's mother, Maha to start their revolution. Although this is a success in part, Maha is killed by Queen Levana's head thaumaturge, Aimery. He then gets captured and taken to "remodel" by the thaumaturges. In the last chapters of the book he's not the Wolf we read about in Scarlet or Cress in appearance at least. But he still has the same heart and he still loves and wants to protect Scarlet.

After Cress's big adventure in the dessert with Thorne in Book 3, she doesn't have a huge role in Winter either. Although she's a necessary character for all of the hacking and downloading of Levana's files on Luna that's really all she does. Thorne helps her with this. They sneak into Queen Levana's castle but that's really all they do in the grand scheme of things. I thought Thorne was quite funny in places throughout but I didn't think that Cress had much characterisation here. She was just a hacker, scared like her friends of Levana. 

Cinder however had a huge character arc in Winter. In book 1 she's just a cyborg but by book 4 she's found out that she's a Princess and has to overthrow her evil aunt to get what's rightfully hers - her Queendom, Luna. Add to this she's fallen in love with Prince Kai, now Emperor Kai of Earth and you'll see that she (along with Winter) is the main heroine of this book. 

Basically there's a lot of war in Winter along with some scenes of trickery and some of comedic relief as well as some heart wrenching moments. I don't want to write any of the real spoilers here. I KNOW it's a long book but if you've loved the previous 4 books (including Fairest) as I have then you'll want to savour every bit of Winter as much as I did. I'm giving Winter 5 stars because it didn't disappoint on any level. There perhaps could have been a few more Cinder and Kai moments for me but it was still amazing just as it was. 

I can't wait to read Stars Above next. Although you might have to wait a few weeks for me to put my review of that up as I'm going to be busy again for a bit. I'll have it done some point soon though...

What did you think of Winter? 


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